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Nazi swastika banners
Adolf Hitler through the Brandenburg Gate
This is a very nice example of the large format 11 x 12-1/4 inch, 114 page, very, very heavily illustrated photographic overview of the 1936 Summer Olympic Games in Berlin, Germany as created by Wilhelm Limpert and published by Wilhelm Limpert Verlag in Berlin in 1936.
Nazi salute
Greeting of the Wehrmacht
This book, OLYMPISCHE SPIELE BERLIN 1936, is NOT to be confused with the very common two-volume blue covered cigarette card books about the 1936 Olympics which contain tiny photographs. Most of the photographs in this book occupy something between one half and a full-page in the large 11 x 12-1/4 inch format. They are crystal clear black & white photos beginning with the lighting of the flame at Olympia, Greece and ending with the closing ceremonies in the Olympic Stadium in Berlin. Each photo is an uncommon masterpiece of the photographer’s art.
Nazi equestrian
Hitler and Goring
There are photos of the zeppelin Hindenburg above the Olympic Stadium, cars of the NSKK Mercedes Staffel transporting Chancellor Adolf Hitler through the Brandenburg Gate on his way to the opening ceremonies, the Greeting of the Wehrmacht, the March of Nations, Lighting the Olympic Flame, Hitler greeting the Greeks, Hitler greeting the Officials of the Olympic Committee, the Facilities for the Olympics, Hitler’s Box at the Olympics, the Olympic Athletes, Officials and the Press, Olympic Art, the Olympic Village , etc., etc.
Black athletes
There is a wonderful list not found elsewhere of the art, artists and musical composers who worked on Olympic projects. In the back of the book there is a complete Siegertafel or List of Gold, Silver and Bronze Medal Winners in each sport.
Nazi victors salute
Gold, Silver and Bronze Medal Winners
Virtually everyone who knows there was an Olympics in 1936 has had it explained to them how badly American track and field star Jesse Owens and other black athletes were treated by Hitler and others in Nazi Germany.
This German book shows an entirely different view of that subject. It treats Jesse Owens, Cornelius Johnson and other Americans black and white, as the heroic young amateur athletes that they were. A picture in this book shows a German stone carver adding Jesse Owens’ name to a wall of Olympic victors (photo directly above). The real shame of the 1936 Olympics was the abandonment of Jesse Owens by the International Olympic Committee!
Olympische Spiele Berlin 1936
This example of OLYMPISCHE SPIELE BERLIN 1936 does NOT have its original dust jacket (left, showing Hitler and Tschammer von Osten). The tan embossed cover is in good used condition (shown above). The interior pages are in excellent condition. Overall this 75 year old book is in very nice original condition.
This German 1936 Summer Olympics book is **SOLD**.
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USM book # 128
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