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Have a look at the original Third Reich photo book about German
women at work during the war
and an unused example of the
NSDAP Family Book
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This 1943 Nazi book on the importance of German women and mothers is
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Nazi paramilitary illustrations
Frau und Mutter - Lebensquell des Volkes (Wife and Mother - Source of Life of the Nation)
Hitler speech at the Nazi Party Days
Air Raid Protection Service
Nazi Mother's Cross,
Nazi map of Europe
When an important project was undertaken in Nazi Germany, it was undertaken with plenty of help and great enthusiasm. Such is the case with this rare Nazi book!
Nazi nudes
Wehrmacht soldier illustration
recipients of the Golden Honor Badge of the NSDAP
Frau und Mutter - Lebensquell des Volkes (Wife and Mother - Source of Life of the Nation) was published by Dienstleiter Hans Hagemeyer in Berlin with a text by Hans-Georg Otto and illustrations collected by Otto Schneider.   The book has introductions by Reichsleiter Alfred Rosenberg, Reichsorganisationsleiter Dr. Robert Ley and Reichsfrauenführerin Scholtz-Klink and a foreword by Hans Hagemeyer.  It was originally published in 1942 and this example is from the second edition of 1943 by Hoheneichen-Verlag in Munich. The book was an outgrowth of the Reichs Party Day exhibition by the same name as this book.
the degeneration of German women during the Allied occupation after World War I
Frau und Mutter - Lebensquell des Volkes is filled with spectacular art accompanied by poignant quotations and traces the history of the importance of women to the German nation from the Stone Ages into the Third Reich. There are hundreds, perhaps thousands of illustrations in the big 330 page, 9-1/2 x 12 inch hard cover book, including those on large multi-panel fold-outs.
Allied occupation of Germany after World War I
The importance of German women during World War I is shown in an expanded chapter just prior to the degeneration of German women during the Allied occupation after World War I.
Reichsfrauenführerin Frau Gertrud Scholtz-Klink
Large families - guarantee for the German future
Ethnic Germans return to Greater Germany
Then a very substantial portion of the book is dedicated to the 1800 women and girls who wear the Golden Honor Badge of the NSDAP, pictures of the Führer and women heroes in Hitler's Germany, women in the many provinces of Germany, the Honor Cross medal for German mothers, the organization of the NS-Frauenschaft - Deutsches Frauenwerk under Reichsfrauenführerin Frau Gertrud Scholtz-Klink, German women depicted in sculpture and art, females raising children, the Glauben und Schönheit organization, women in Reichsnährstand, women in Hilfsdienst and Mutterdienst, as social workers in factories as well as working in factories, women replacing men in various services and industries, laws for the protection of women and children, Nazi racial laws, women in the Air Raid Protection Service, and finally women as the source of the life of the German Nation. There is even a picture of Hitler's mother Klara Pötzl Hitler.
Aryan beauty
Aryan girls and women
Frau und Mutter - Lebensquell des Volkes is absolutely the final word on women and mothers in Adolf Hitler's Germany and absolutely fundamental to any genuine understanding of Nazi Germany.
Nazi swastika flag
Aryan German family
Third Reich women in the german labor force
Dedication from the 5th war year
The cover of this 70 year old example of Frau und Mutter - Lebensquell des Volkes is somewhat soiled but the book itself is in very good used condition. It has a 1943 Christmas dedication to a woman named Tilly from her parents which mentions the difficult times of the 5th war year.



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