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Deutsches Frauenschaffen im Kriege
Gertrud Scholtz-Klink
Women employed in Nazi war industry
NS Nurses employed by the SS ad
Wehrmacht and German Children
This is an outstanding example of the very hard to find 7 x 7-1/2 inch, heavily illustrated, 160 page, hardcover 1941 Yearbook of the Reichsfrauenführung or the Nazi State Women’s Leadership. Deutsches Frauenschaffen im Kriege (German Women’s Activities in Wartime) was published at the direction of the Press and Propaganda Department by Westfalen Verlag in Dortmund.
Starting with a Hitler quotation and an overview by the leader of the Nazi Party’s women’s organizations, Gertrud Scholtz-Klink, the book covers every aspect of the organization and activities of women in the Third Reich during 1941.

A large 6-3/4 x 13 inch fold-out organization chart provides detailed information on every subdivision of the eleven Hauptabteilungen (Main Departments).

There are maps showing all the Gaue in Nazi Germany and photos of pretty young women in every sort of occupation from harvesting hay, caring for mothers and children, teaching home economics, playing instruments, shearing sheep, bathing babies, tending to wounded war veterans, visiting military facilities, working with settlers, working in war industries, filling in for men, working in nursing, in the service of the Luftschutz, baking bread, etc.
The connection of the nursing profession with SS hospitals and Lebensborn birthing homes is advertised in the back.

There are also advertisements for women’s necessities such as underwear, nylon stockings, cosmetics, soaps, clothing, foodstuffs, children’s shoes, and even milk.

This hard to find Nazi book, Deutsches Frauenschaffen im Kriege is complete with the original Third Reich dust jacket. Very good condition.

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