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Publisher: NSDAP
Unser Familienbuch
Reichsbund deutsche Familie or the State League for the German Family
Adolf Hitler quote
Unser Deutschland
A lot of people today who are otherwise well-informed about the social structure of Germany during the Third Reich know little or nothing about the institution Reichsbund deutsche Familie or the State League for the German Family, which worked very closely with the Rassenpolitisches Amt der NSDAP (State Racial Political Office of the Nazi Party). A good part of the purpose of the RdF was to promote large families, and get Germans to understand and take pride in their heritage and to develop a written record of their family ancestry and accomplishments. Hitler was one of the RdF's biggest promoters.

The 8-1/2 x 12 inch linen hard cover post-bound maroon book with cream color blocking that we offer here is new and unused. Unser Familienbuch was published in 1941 for the NSDAP by Verlag Dr. von Arnim & Co. in Berlin and has the serial number 06822 inside the front cover. It begins with an apropos quote from the Führer, Adolf Hitler, followed by a series of explanations of why the Reichsbund deutsche Familie was so important, from people like Reichsgesundheitsführer Dr. Conti, Reichsfrauenführerin Getrud Scholtz-Klink, and Dr. Robert Kaiser, Reichsbundesleiter of the Reichbund deutsche Familie.
family record
The symbol of the RdF is an eagle with the runic symbol of man on its chest standing on the letters RdF on top of a round swastika. That symbol is embossed on the back cover of the book and found printed as a light yellow watermark on many of the pages. Following the question "Where did you come from and where are you going?", the book provides instructions and formatted pages to be filled out by the owner of the book and their family. Those forms include forms for occupations, ancestry charts, my life, my military service, my work for the Führer, our wedding, our children, schooling accomplishments, service in the Hitler Youth, service in the Arbeitsdienst, my obligatory work year, my medical records, etc., for both the male and female sides of the family. There are even instructions on how to obtain a family crest for your family.
Military Service record
3. Reich Familienwappen
Adolf Hitler quotation
BdM service record
Greater Germany map
Nothing was left out of Unser Familienbuch and it was anticipated that many of the people specified in the forms in the book would serve in the Hitler Youth, the BdM, the Wehrmacht, the SA, the Nazi Party, and the SS. This is the book in unused condition, complete and exactly as it was sold to any decent family in Nazi Germany which intended to document itself at the beginning of Hitler's Thousand Year Reich. Very fine condition.

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