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Nazi art - Theo Matejko
Theo Matejko
Das Theo Matejko Buch
Nazi Standarte
Theo Matejko was a Viennese illustrator born in 1893. During World War I he developed his skills with almost photographic renderings of combat, battlefield scenes, uniforms, airplanes, U-boats and ships at sea. The tiniest detail did not escape Matejko and drawings of German submarines are for example, filled with sea creatures, shipwrecks and the like. After the war he did many drawings of Zeppelins, occupation troops and others that focussed on sports such as boxing, ice hockey, football, bicycle and auto racing.
Nazi airplane Nazi illustrations
The book we offer here is a very nice example of the big 10-1/2 x 10-1/2 inch, 228 page very, very heavily illustrated half-velour hard cover book Das Theo Matejko Buch (The Theo Matejko Book), undated but probably published in 1940 by Kommodore-Verlag in Berlin, Germany.
Nazi motorcycle
Mercedes race car
WW2 war art
In 1935 Matejko traveled to America on assignment for Ullstein Verlag. He carefully examined the American way of life, especially in big cities and did many illustrations of gangsters and gangland slayings.
American gangsters
With the coming of the Nazis in Germany, many of Matejko’s drawings were commissioned by firms and magazines like Die Wehrmacht that wanted illustrations of the combat activities of the Wehrmacht, with tanks, fully loaded soldiers, motorcycles, flags and standards, field guns, airplanes, prisoners of war, etc.
WW2 airplane
German boxing match
His drawings of Mercedes-Benz race cars in action are without parallel. While Matejko’s drawings from life are superbly realistic and filled with minutia, they actually pale when compared to the drawings he did that came strictly from his imagination.
Mercedes racer Matejko artwork
Had Matejko not lived in Germany and made illustrations of Nazis, Nazi flags and the German military, he would be regarded far more widely as one of the great illustrators of the 20th century.

Just before the end of the war, Matejko and his wife fled Berlin with their friend, famous German racing driver Hans Stuck. They settled in Tirol where Matejko died from a stroke on 9 September 1946.

German war art
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