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Nazi Panzer Theo Matejko
Hitler bust
First Yearbook of the Supporters of German Visual Arts
Hitler quote about the importance of art
Hitler is Victory
Nazi nude
Wolfgang Willrich Kampfflieger
Das deutsche Aktwerk
Heroic Nazi nude sculpture
Die neue Reichskanzlei Berlin
Aryan women
Offered for sale on this USMBOOKS web page is an oversized Third Reich art publication by the Nazi Party's Hauptamt für Volkswohlfahrt called 1. Jahrbuch Hilfswerk für deutsche Bildende Kunst (First Yearbook of the Supporters of German Visual Arts). The Hilfswerk für deutsche Bildende Kunst was founded at the end of 1936 by Dr. Joseph Goebbels. The organization overseen by the NSV, was meant to find and promote new German artists who represented Hitler's vision of art and race and this yearbook was printed for the 5th anniversary of the Hilfswerk für deutsche Bildende Kunst.
This 11 x 14 inch, 64 page softcover edition dated 1941/42 features large photographs of sculptures, paintings, woodcuts and illustrations by German artists. It was published and printed by Erich Zander of Berlin in 1942. It starts with a Hitler quote about art and has a few pages of patriotic text about the German Nation, race and Germanic art, but the bulk of the book consists of large, clear photographs of art.
Nazi artwork
Puma Plastik
This rare oversized NSV art publication is in good used condition. The spine is taped and page 45/46 is missing - a previous owner removed it.

Very few examples of the 1. Jahrbuch Hilfswerk für deutsche Bildende Kunst survived the Third Reich as this sort of art was considered one of the nastiest forms of Nazi propaganda by the government of postwar Germany! Superb examples of Third Reich art and sculpture!

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This 1941/42 Yearbook of the Supporters of German Visual Arts is for sale
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