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original framed silver Third Reich Hitler relief
Framed original Nazi era relief of the right side of Hitler’s face with facsimile
Hitler signature, in silver and still with Third Reich cleaning instructions attached
Kunst dem Volk September 1939
The September 1939 issue of the Nazi art magazine Kunst dem Volk covering the
City of the Nazi Party Days and Hitler’s hotel in Nuremberg, Der Deutsche Hof
Feuer und Farbe, 1943 Nazi war art
The rare hardcover 1943 Nazi war art book FEUER UND FARBE with color and
back & white reproductions of paintings depicting every aspect of German troops
engaged in combat on the east and west front.
Nationalsozialismus und Entartete Kunst
'National Socialism and Degenerate Art' a heavily illustrated book covering the
Nazi attitude toward art, the art heritage of Munich, the new House of German Art
and the 1937 Greater German Art Exhibition.
Adolf Hitler painting, Fritz Erler
The August 1939 issue of the oversized Nazi art magazine Die Kunst im dritten Reich, Ausgabe B with architectural information on Nazi freeway construction and bridges.
A civilian (large) and Wehrmacht (small) edition of the high-quality
Nazi art magazine Kunst dem Volk for August 1942.
Nazi war art folio Von Kampf und Sieg des deutschen Soldaten
A rare Nazi war art folio called "About the Battle and Victory of German Soldiers" showing the victorious German soldiers of Armee Busch in 1940 in western Europe.  Complete.
Dietl painting
The heavily illustrated original Third Reich catalog to the last Great
German Art Exhibition held in the House of German Art in Munich in 1944.
Staatsoper Berlin
STAATSOPER BELIN, a beautifully bound and printed 1939 Nazi photo book on the Berlin State Opera. FIRST EDITION with silver blocking and presentation card.
HUSAR porcelain
EIGHT original oversized 1942 and 1943 Nazi art magazines Kunst dem Volk full of war art, bathing beauties, heroic sculptures, German landscapes, farmers with children, etc.
Deutsche Heldenmäler
Deutsche Heldenmäler, a very rare oversized special art publication on
German war memorials for soldiers outside Nazi Germany
Nazi nudes
Oversized 1941/42 Yearbook of the Supporters of German Visual Arts featuring photos of sculptures, paintings, woodcuts & illustrations by German artists who represented Hitler's vision of art and race.
Adolf Hitler
Original illustrated Third Reich guidebooks for the summer Munich art exhibitions,
the 1936 Münchener Kunstaustellung and 1937
Münchener Jahresaustellung.
Unser Heer
Illustrated book from the Ausstellung Unser Heer 1944 or Exhibition "Our Army"  organized by Wehrkreiskommando XVII in Vienna in March 1944.
Nazi art + design
Superb, oversized photo book on the work of sculptor Fritz von Graevenitz,
a favorite of Adolf Hitler and on his special 1944 Führerliste!
Rare Nazi photo publication published for the 1938 Erste Internationale Handwerksausstellung (The 1st International Handicraft Exhibition) held in Berlin.
Rare 1944 hard cover Nazi book Judentum und Musik - ein Beitrag
zur Kultur un Rassenpolitik
about the influence of Jews on music.
Rare portrait book with detailed Willrich pencil drawings of the
men, women and children of the German peasantry.
1941 Die Kunst im deutschen Reich BOUND
A professionally hardbound book containing all the
Die Kunst im deutschen Reich magazines for the year 1941
Nazi eagle
The official guidebook to the 1941 Nazi war art exhibition sponsored by Gaupropagandaleitung Franken and the city of the Nazi Party Days, Nürnberg.
Deutschland Erwache
The heavily illustrated 1937 festival program of
the Tag der deutsche Kunst + Munich parade map.
Rare 1940 Nazi art exhibition catalog of Poland battlefield and submarine war pictures.
Adolf Bock
A genuine war-time 8-color print using the spectacular
Adolf Bock maritime painting "Stukas of the Sea".
Nazi Fahne
Die Fahne hoch!, the Nazi 'anthem' beautifully printed
during the Third Reich in an oak leaf wreath and with swastikas.
Nazi art magazines
A selection of large format Third Reich 'KUNST' art and architecture
magazines from 1938, 1939, 1940, 1941, 1942, 1943 and 1944.
Nazi art exhibition brochures
A rare Third Reich informational brochure to encourage tourists to visit the
1939 Greater German Art Exhibition at the Haus der deutschen Kunst in M
Tiger tank
15 Wehrmacht color combat prints
published for the OKW.
A superb selection of genuine Third Reich posters:
Hitler Youth, WHW, RKB, Sport, Lottery, Movies, Reichspost, NSV, etc.
A Third Reich naval print of the superb painting by German
maritime painter Fritz W. Schulz called Torpedoboot im Dock.
A beautiful old original oil on canvas painting of Heinrich Himmler's
SS Order Castle at Wewelsburg - 15-1/2 x 19-1/2 inch
, framed.
1937 Grosse Deutsche Kunstausstellung
A 186-page Nazi exhibition catalog for the 1937 Grosse Deutsche Kunstausstellung (Greater German Art Exhibition)  at the House of German Art in central Munich.
Nazi nude
A 210-page First Edition Nazi exhibition catalog AND entrance ticket for the
1938 Grosse Deutsche Kunstausstellung (Greater German Art Exhibition)
 at the House of German Art in central Munich.
Kaiser Wilhelm II
Rare 316-page 1920 catalog of art print publisher Hanfstaengl featuring Kaiser Wilhelm II, Hindenburg, Richthofen, etc. In the 1930s they produced framable prints of Hitler.
Hitler bust
The heavily illustrated 196 page official catalog to the 1939 Greater German
Art Exhibition in Munich with Hitler, Goering and Hess portraits.
The heavily illustrated 196 page official catalog to the 1940 Greater German
Art Exhibition in Munich in very good condition.
The heavily illustrated 208 page official catalog to the 1941 Greater German
Art Exhibition in Munich with Hitler, Heydrich and Dietl portraits.
Hitler bust
A heavily illustrated 198-page Third Edition of the 1942 Greater German Art
Exhibition catalog, plus a rare 32-page supplement.
Third Reich war art
The complete 1943 art exhibition catalog from Munich with art by Thorak, Breker,
Schmid-Ehmen, and advertising from Allach, Rosenthal, Mercedes and Velveeta.
Art print of the remarkable Josef Schmitzberger painting found
in hunting camps and lodges throughout Greater Germany.