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A genuine Third Reich paramilitary souvenir pewter plate from Nürnberg - die Stadt
der Reichsparteitage
with symbols of the SS, SA, HJ, NSKK, NSFK,
NS-Frauenschaft, RAD and DAF.
Nazi Mother's Cross + Award certificate
Nazi Party Days Nuremberg postcrd set Stoja
A complete original Third Reich souvenir set containing 20 photographic postcards
of the Nazi Party Days Grounds and Nuremberg.
Three original six-color maps of the area around Berlin with eagle and
3. Reich Zinnteller Nuernberg
An original Third Reich Zinnteller or pewter souvenir plate from
Nürnberg, City of the Noble Arts.
Original Third Reich philatelic material - Hitler and Copernicus postage stamps, covers
with cancelations from Breslau, Nürnberg, Warsaw, Vienna, Krakau, Luxembourg.
1940 Taschenkalender fuer Kurzschreiber
A selection of original illustrated almanac-style pocket calendars for members of the
Colonial League, NSFK, DRK, Luftschutz, RAD, AO, stenographers, businessmen, etc
POSTWAR German books about WW2 and Hitler
A large selection of rare and collectible POSTWAR books in the German language about the Third  Reich and WW2, many 1st Editions with original dust jackets, PRICED TO SELL.
Der Führer und seine Generale des Heeres
Postcards from the rare series Der Führer und seine Generale des Heeres -
Keitel, List, Von Falkenhorst, von Kluge, Von Brauchchitsch, Von Rundstetdt,
von Witzleben and others.  Original to the Third Reich period - no reproductions!
1937 Nazi Party Days ticket
A genuine UNUSED ticket from the 1937 Nazi Party Days (Parteitag der Arbeit) for the Nazi Armed Forces Demonstration on Monday 13 September 1937 at the Zeppelinwiese.
England, Frankreich und die See Velhagen & Klasing Karte 1940
A fine original 1940 Nazi Velhagen & Klasing color map of Great Britain, France and
western Europe marked with Westwall and Defense Zone of the Army
anti-Semitic Alfred Rosenberg books
Nazi publications by Alfred Rosenberg, one of the principal racial theorist of the Nazi
Party: The World Battle and World Revolution of Our Time and Gestaltung der Idee.
Das Reich als Aufgabe, SS Nordland Verlag
DAS REICH ALS AUFGABE, a 1940 Nazi propaganda book by SS-Brigadeführer
Friedrich Schmidt about the duty of German citizens to uphold National Socialist
ideals paid for in blood, published by SS Publishing House Nordland Verlag.
NSDAP id, 3. Reich Wehrpass
A fine Third Reich document grouping containing the 1931 and 1935 Nazi Party
membership ID, Wehrpass and photos of engineer Otto Bronner, a WW1 veteran
(and POW) who worked for a company that employed slave laborers during WW2.
1943 Wegweiser für Fliegergeschädigten
Rare Third Reich Wegweiser für Fliegergeschädigten, a very detailed
1943 guidebook for survivors of Allied bombing raids
Kriegsgefangene, Oberkommando der Wehrmacht, Reichseigentum Berlin 1939
Kriegsgefangene, a well-illustrated book published by the OKW, a reminder
about foreign POWs during WW1 and their hostile activities against Germany - marked Reichseigentum - not for public consumption.
Nazi passports
Two rare original Nazi passports -  one issued to a Rhine River sailor at the
German consulate in Rotterdam in May 1940 (with Höhere SS und Polizeiführer 
and Wasserschutzpolizei stamps) and one to the pretty daughter of a ship captain.
Mein Kampf with DJ
Two examples of Mein Kampf, a 1933 hardcover edition with dust jacket and a 1941 Volksausgabe from the library of the DRK in Leslau in German occupied Poland.
Waffen-Lexikon für Jäger und Schützen
A heavily illustrated, very detailed, expanded 1937 edition of the
"Weapons Encyclopedia for Hunters and Riflemen” featuring  
Walther, Mauser, Colt, Browning, Smith & Wesson, Winchester, etc.
Adolf Hitler postcards
A large selection of original color and black & white postcards of Adolf Hitler
from the Third Reich at very reasonable prices. NO reproductions!
WW2 German cavalry stirrup
A 1940 dated Nazi Reichsheer stirrup from a German cavalry saddle 
with eagle and swastika Waffenamt stamp and maker’s mark
Ernst Marlier, Villa Wannsee
An interesting ephemera / photo lot connected with Villa Wannsee builder
Ernst Marlier. Includes never published photo of Benito Mussolini.
Reibert Luftwaffe manual with Goering portrait
Original 1941 edition of the educational Handbook of the Luftwaffe with over 250
images of visor caps, uniforms, shoulder boards, collar tabs, insignia, firearms,
Luftwaffe medals and badges, airplane designations, etc
Der verratene Sozialismus, Karl Albrecht, Nibelungen-Verlag
"Betrayed Socialism", the anti-Soviet Nazi bestseller by German WWI veteran and former Communist Karl Albrecht about his experiences living and working in the Soviet Union.
Nazi touring map Berlin
A rare 1933 Nazi car touring color map of Berlin and Brandenburg Province called
Auto Touren-Karte Berlin und Umgebung mit praktischer Wegweiser.
Blut und Boden Beitragskarte
An original Blut und Boden Beitragskarte, the contribution record of a young gardener
who paid dues to the Nazi agricultural organization Blut und Boden from
30 September 1937 thru 31 July 1938.
Bolschewismus ohne Maske postcard
SEVEN different USMBOOKS web pages of original used and unused postcards
from the Third Reich at very reasonable prices. NO reproductions!
Vote YES for Hitler
A selection of original Third Reich HJ badges, May Day tinnies, RAD,
DRL, RLB and Nazi election stickpins and other assorted Nazi era pins.
Nazi Blood Order, 3. Reich Blutorden
An original 1938 Nazi Party Organization book, profusely illustrated information
about the membership, political leadership, uniforms, symbols, insignia,
service requirements, flags, standards, daggers, swords, and other equipment
of the many paramilitary units that made up the NSDAP.
SS-Wirtschafts-Verwaltungshauptamt Dachau
A selection of original Feldpost letters and cards, including SS-Feldpost from a student
at the Dachau SS Economic and Administration School (SS-WVHA) and
a card sent by SS-Feldpost from Slovenia by a Polizei-Rottenführer.
6 Jahre nationalsozialistische Staatsführung: das Werk Adolf Hitlers
A rare Third Reich photo book published on the occasion of Hitler's 50th birthday looking back on the accomplishments of the first 6 years of National Socialist power in Germany.
SS-Obergruppenfuehrer und General der Polizei Reinhard Heydrich
A genuine 28 May 1942 Nazi Reinhard Heydrich assassination reward poster
in German and Czech, issued by Karl Hermann Frank, head of police
of Bohemia and Moravia and Heydrich's Deputy.
Volkstaenze Lieder Spielmusik, Wir Maedel Singen
TWO original BdM folklore dance and song books from 1936 and 1939,
both illustrated and fully indexed.
heavily illustrated Nazi era movie programs
A large selection of original Nazi era movie brochures for UFA, Tobis, Arya and
Germania films such as Feldzug in Polen, SA Mann Brandt, Feuertaufe, Junge Adler,
Sechs Tage Heimaturlaub, Das Wunschkonzert,
and even the highest
grossing Third Reich movie Die Grosse Liebe starring Zarah Leander.
Sondernummer NS-Frauenwarte magazine
A special edition of the official Nazi women's magazine NS Frauen-Warte with text in German, English, French & Italian: Frauen Schaffen für Deutschland - Women Work for Germany - Des Femmes Travaillent Pour L'Allemagne - Donne Lavorano Per La Germania.
DRV Mitgliedskarte
A very nice original 1933-1934 membership ID of the
Deutscher Radfahrer-Verband (DRV or German Bicyclist Association).
Deutsche Reichspost Postsparbuch + Postsparbuch Ausweiskarte
An original Deutsche Reichspost Postsparbuch and Postsparbuch Ausweiskarte, a Nazi savings account ID as well as deposit and withdrawal slips used between 1939 and 1944.
original framed silver Third Reich Hitler relief
Framed original Nazi era relief of the right side of Hitler’s face with facsimile
Hitler signature, in silver and still with Third Reich cleaning instructins attached
A 100% original Third Reich Ahnentafel,
a beautifully illustrated racial pedigree certificate that was never filled out!
Das Jahr I, Wulf Bley
DAS JAHR I, the first year of National Socialist power in Germany - achievements by the NSDAP after they formed the first Nazi government in Germany under Chancellor Hitler in January 1933. Great photo content, including several pictures of Ernst Röhm.
1937 Grosse Deutsche Kunstausstellung
A 186-page Nazi exhibition catalog for the 1937 Grosse Deutsche Kunstausstellung (Greater German Art Exhibition)  at the House of German Art in central Munich.
Sparkmarkenheft fuer die HJ
Original Hitlerjugend savings account material: a Deutsche Reichspost HJ savings account book marker and a HJ savings account record book from a small, rural savings bank.
1941 Nationalsozialistisches Jahbuch
A heavily illustrated 1941 Third Edition of the Nationalsozialistisches Jahrbuch
or the NS yearbook, published by the NSDAP for Nazi Party members.
Berlin photo book 1936 Heinrich Hoffmann
The Hoffmann photo book BERLIN which was intended to give visitors to the 1936
Summer Olympics an overview of the capital of Nazi Germany - in 4 languages.
OKH film Sieg im Westen
A heavily illustrated, oversized 48 page book "Victory in the West", a souvenir of the 1940 OKH film Sieg im Westen, purchased by a movie goer in the Third Reich.
Altmark Incident, Britain Unmasked
A rare English language Nazi book from the Britain Unmasked series called  THE
, the GERMAN point-of-view of the 'Altmark Incident'.
Illustrierter Beobachter Frankreichs Schuld
An extremely anti-Jewish and anti-Black special edition of the
Illustrierter Beobachter called FRANKREICHS SCHULD - very graphic!
Das Ehrenmal der deutschen Leistung im Ausland (The Monument for German Achievements Abroad)
A rare 1936 guidebook to the permanent Auslands-Organisation exhibition in
Stuttgart dedicated to German colonial times, German culture abroad,
German achievements abroad, etc.
AO Yearbook 1941
Volume I and II of the 1941 Jahrbuch der Auslands-Organisation der NSDAP,
the heavily illustrated hardcover  yearbooks of the Nazi Organization for
Germans Living Abroad (ethnic Germans living outside Nazi Germany).
NAZI CIGARETTE ALBUM men of the third reich
A complete 1934 example of the Nazi cigarette album MAENNER IM DRITTEN REICH featuring all the prominent National Socialists of the time, 250 color pictures total.
Nazi U-Boot photo book 1943
"UX" Stand im Mittelmeer - Mit einem deutschen U-Boot auf Feindfahrt, a rare
1943 Nazi photo book about a Nazi submarine and its crew in the Mediterranean.
Condor Legion in Spain
"Pedros y Pablos - Flying, Experiencing, Fighting in Spain", a Third Reich book
about the German participation of the Condor Legion in the Spanish Civil War
written by German pilot Max Stanislaus Graf Hoyos - great photo content.
Hitler Youth IDs
The 100% original Hitler Youth Dienstbuch or Service Record Book from a Hitlerjunge in Berlin as well as a  HJ Sporttagebuch for recording performance in HJ athletic events.
Herbert Natter, Austrian Nazi
A 1938 Nazi Claim Questionnaire from the NS-Vermittlungsstelle from an early Austrian National Socialist who had been imprisoned for 1-1/2 years for being a Nazi Party member.
Nazi postcards BRAUNES HAUS Munich
A selection of original Third Reich postcards of the Nazi Party's Braunes Haus
in Munich - color and black & white, used and unused.
Nazi songbook for sport flyers
Kunst dem Volk September 1939
The September 1939 issue of the Nazi art magazine Kunst dem Volk covering the
City of the Nazi Party Days and Hitler's hotel in Nuremberg, Der Deutsche Hof.
Fritz Todt funeral
Rare Third Reich architecture and construction magazines for professional builders.  Includes the first Der deutsche Baumeister published (January 1939)
and the rare issue covering the funeral of Dr. Fritz Todt.