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July 1939 Kunst dem Volk
Der Luftschutz magazines 1939
All twelve 1939 issues of DER LUFTSCHUTZ, a very interesting, heavily illustrated Nazi magazine with articles about air raid protection, aviation and aviation equipment, HARDBOUND in a book - complete.
hand-carved Nazi picture frame
Adolf Hitler
The Nazi military history cigarette album "Everything for Germany - 2000 Years of
German History and German Herosim" published by Orientalischen
Cigaretten Compagnie YOSMA   - COMPLETE with 360 color pictures
Nazi war art folio Von Kampf und Sieg des deutschen Soldaten
A rare Nazi war art folio called "About the Battle and Victory of German Soldiers" showing the victorious German soldiers of Armee Busch in 1940 in western Europe.  Complete.
ADOLF HITLER - Bilder aus dem Leben des Fuehrers
A complete example of ADOLF HITLER - Bilder aus dem Leben des Führers
(Adolf Hitler - Pictures of the Life of the Führer) as published in 1936 by
Cigaretten-Bilderdienst in Altona-Bahrenfeld.
Nazi opera program
A lot of FIVE original heavily illustrated opera, ballet and theater programs
from Berlin and Vienna from 1938, 1940 and 1941
Jahrbuch der deutschen Luftwaffe 1940
A fine hardcover edition of the Jahrbuch der deutschen Luftwaffe 1940 (Year Book of
the Air Force) with its original dust jacket - Condor Legion, Poland Invasion.
1937 steamship BERLIN menu
An original Breakfast and Lunch menu for Monday 7 June 1937 from the
Norddeutscher Lloyd Dampfer Berlin.
Nazi Panzer books
High-quality photo books about German snipers, SS rings, the Me109, Bf110, Fw190,
Wehrmacht tanks, Nazi medals, Hitler, Heydrich, Speer - ALL priced to sell at less
than prices found on other internet sites and in book stores.
(titles added 10 May)
Swastika pin
Das deutsche Heer im Manöver published in 1936, subtitled "A Pictorial of How
Our Army Works", it introduces the German nation to Adolf Hitler's new Army.
SA Plakette deutsche Reiterjugend
A rare, 100% original SA horse table medallion, a heavy cast metal
SA Plakette deutsche Reiterjugend
designed by Paul Casberg in 1937.
Kampf um’s Dritte Reich
The story of the Nazi Party rise to power in Germany with 275 COLOR pictures,
including Ernst Röhm, Hess, Himmler, Ley, Goebbels, Heydrich.  Complete.
RZM marked HJ boots
A fine pair of UNUSED, new-in-the-box RZM marked black leather Hitler Youth uniform / hiking boots or HJ-DJ Schnuerstiefel manufactured by Roth-Qualitäts-Schuhe.
Generaloberst Friedrich Dollmann Wacht am Atlantik
"Watch on the Atlantic Ocean", a rare Nazi photo book produced for soldiers of the Wehrmacht in South-West France (Armee-Bordeaux-Südwest) printed in Bordeaux in 1940 - HARDcover and SOFTcover examples.
Flugplatzkommando  B16/VII Landsberg/Lech
A large selection of original Third Reich stick pins, badges, lapel pins and tinnies, including a security badge for guard personnel at the Luftwaffe installation at Landsberg am Lech.
1939 Nazi color map
A colorful Velhagen & Klasing Nazi map from 1939 showing the western borders
of Adolf Hitler's Nazi Germany, with the Westwall and the Maginot Line.
WHW Abzeichen
An assortment of original WHW Third Reich charity collection Abzeichen
1938 DDAC Weinkrug
A fine original stoneware wine pitcher with eagle and swastika, a souvenir from
the DDAC Gautreffen Car Rally held at Bernburg on 13-14 August 1938.
1936 Summer Olympics Berlin
Rare illustrated English, German, French and Spanish language booklets on public transportation possibilities for visitors to the 1936 Summer Olympics in Berlin.
KdF Wagen
Special Nazi automotive Deutsche Reichspost postage stamps canceled at
the International Automobile & Motorcycle Exhibition in Berlin in 1939.
KdF pocket atlas
An original KdF or Strength Through Joy Pocket Atlas with full-color maps of Nazi Germany, Scandinavia, English Channel, Mediterranean, North Sea, Madeira and the Azores.
1937 NSDAP Organization book
The 1937 edition of the Organisationsbuch der NSDAP explaining the membership,
political leadership, uniforms, symbols, insignia, flags, standards, daggers, swords,
and other equipment of the many paramilitary units that made up the Nazi Party.
Nazi labor IDs
Two original Third Reich labor IDs issued to an unmarried car mechanic in Vienna,
Johann (Hans) Hammerlindl: his 2nd style Arbeitsbuch and DAF Mitgliedsbuch.
Reichsautobahn Arbeitsbuch


A selection of original Third Reich items related to the Adolf Hitler's freeway system:
covers from a Reichsautobahn construction company and Reichsautobahn HQ in
Berlin, the labor record of a freeway construction worker, postage stamps, etc.
Wehrmacht NCO
An original Third Reich photo album containing photos of a cocky, good looking
unnamed young Unteroffizier from Saxony who was wounded during his
Wehrmacht service; his recuperation, wedding and family
GECO Nazi military contractor catalog 1937
An original heavily illustrated 50th anniversary catalog / price book of Wehrmacht contractor Gustav Genschow & Co. listing weapons, swords, telescopic sights, hunting knives, holsters, binoculars, billyclubs, canteens, traps, tents and much more.
Pistole 08, Luger
The heavily illustrated Technical Weapon and Shooting Manual for the Order Police
published in cooperation with the Chief of German Police, Heinrich Himmler in 1940.
A 1940 hardcover First Edition of Stukas! Erlebnis eines Fliegerkorps by Curt Strohmeyer published for General Freiherr von Richthofen with a rare original paper book ad wrap.
1939 Nazi edged weapons catalog Paul Seilheimer Solingen
A rare original heavily illustrated Third Reich dagger, sword and bayonet
catalog of Waffenfabrik Paul Seilheimer in Solingen.
Nazi telegrams
Original Schmuckblattelegramme that were sold by the Deutsche Reichspost in
Third Reich Germany, including the rare Hitler and Nazi Party Day examples
VDA prints Himmler, Hitler, Goering, Hess
A large assortment of  original VDA (National League for the Promotion of Germanism Abroad) color prints of Nazi personalities many of them featuring art by Wolf Willrich.
dekoratives Luftwaffe Besitzzeugnis mit Stuka
A large 1941 Besitz-Zeugnis certificate featuring a Ju 87 Stuka, issued to a
Luftwaffe NCO to record his receipt of the Nazi Shooting Badge with Lanyard.
Ehrenurkunde Heldentod
A 1943 Ehrenurkunde for Army Veterinarian Dr. Woschitz who died on the East Front and two Nazi documents related to the death of Wehrmacht soldiers Welcker and Halm.
1936 Olympics Stamp Block
Two original Deutsche Reichspost postage stamp blocks produced for the
1936 Olympic Games in Berlin - XI. Olympischen Spiele 1936 Berlin.
The expanded 1940 edition of DU BIST SOFORT IM BILDE, a vividly illustrated Handbook for citizens of Nazi Germany explaining the internal workings
of the government and party infrastructure of Grossdeutschland.
Nazi paratrooper gravity knife Weyersberg
A 100% original gravity knife or Fallschirmjaeger-Messer produced by Paul Weyersberg
& Co. in Solingen during the Third Reich.   Fine condition, never sharpened.
SS helmet
The heavily illustrated 1941 Nazi propaganda book "The Largest Socialist Build-Up
Ever of the German Nation" by DAF Reichsleiter Dr. Robert Ley.
Nazi propaganda book
A rare original, extremely anti-Jewish 1942 publication by Dr. Robert Ley about the necessity of the German battle against British and Bolshevist influences.
Duitsche Weermacht kalender 1944
A rare Nazi color wall calendar, the tear-off Deutsche Wehrmacht Kalender
for the year 1944. Complete, no pages torn off, 100% original.
Luftwaffe Flak-Regiment 131 photo album, Oberstleutnant August Sambach
An original oversized Nazi photo album put together by Officers of the Staff of
Luftwaffe Flakregiment 131
as a commemorative for their departing Commander,
Oberstleutnant August Sambach, in 1942
Nazi Blood Order
A 1942 First Edition of the Nationalsozialistisches Jahbuch or the NS yearbook,
published by the NSDAP for Nazi Party members - heavily illustrated, complete.
Hitler wall plaque
A genuine Third Reich Adolf Hitler wall plaque commemorating the
service in the Deutsches Jungvolk by Gerhart Jungbluth.
Nazi paratrooper photo book
Superb Nazi photo book Soldaten fallen vom Himmel about the training and action
of Luftwaffe paratroopers, written by a Fallschirmjäger Battalion Commander.
Liederbuch der NS Frauenschaft
Liederbuch der NS Frauenschaft, the Song Book of the National Socialist Women's
League by Robert Kothe, published for the Reichsführung der N.S. Frauenschaft.
Muttertag 1944 in Grossdeutschland
A beautifully decorated oversized six-panel 1944 Mother's Day 'card' with patriotic
wishes from Adolf Hitler to mothers of Wehrmacht soldiers who died for the Fatherland.
1938 Breslau Sport Festival
The official guidebook to the 1938 Deutsche Turn- und Sportfest Breslau with
event schedule, fold-out venue map and detailed information for visitors.
Muenchen, Hauptstadt der Bewegung
Nazi employment IDs of a Dutch woman working for Buchgewerbehaus Müller
& Sohn in Munich, the Nazi publishing empire that printed Mein Kampf, the
Beobachter, Illustrierte Beobachter and Das Schwarze Korps.
Nazi war combat art
An original 1942 example of Kriegszeichner with 60 full-page illustrations of WW2
combat scenes - soldiers, tanks, cavalry and motorcycles, Luftwaffe planes and pilots.
A 1938 photo book on "Graz - The City of the People's Insurrection", one of the
most fanatically Nazi places in the Greater German Reich of Adolf Hitler.
Goering speech ticket
A variety of genuine Third Reich tickets for a speech by Hermann Göring, KdF day trips,
a Berlin WHW charity rally attended by Hitler, train travel and museums.
German Children - German Names! Fahrenkrog
German Children - German names!, a Third Reich treatise on the Nazi opinion
on given names for the children of German parents and names set aside for Jews.
HJ movie poster
A 100% original Hitler Youth film poster for the 1940 propaganda film
Der Marsch zum Führer (The March to the Leader).
SS accident prevention poster
An original safety announcement color poster issued by the Reichsführer-SS and Chief
of German Police Himmler and the special department of the NSV focussed on accident
and damage prevention, industrial hygiene, control of epidemics, pest control, etc.
swastika flag
Superb Nazi photo book covering the Reichsparteitag des Sieges, the first Nazi Party
Days held in Nürnberg after the Nazi Party was voted into power in Germany in 1933.
Tag der deutschen Polizei 1934
A Nazi police photo book by General der Landespolizei Daluege about the 1934 Day of German Police, introducing German citizens to the daily work of their various police forces.
Nazi souvenir photo set Nuremberg
An original Nazi souvenir photo set called NUERNBERG Stadt der Reichsparteitage produced by Verlag Heinrich Hoffmann of Munich, complete with 16 photographs.
SS children book
Beautifully illustrated Nazi children's book about the SS view of life, family and heredity written by a SS-Oberstürmführer and published by SS publishing house Nordland Verlag.
Spanish Fascist JONS badge
A rare silver / gold-ish colored metal Spanish Fascist JONS "Yoke and Arrows" badge.
1936 Olympic Village photo book
A commemorative Third Reich photo book about the 1936 Olympic Village built and
run by the Wehrmacht for the 3500 male Olympic athletes - English photo captions.
ADOLF HITLER UND SEIN STAB, an extremely rare early Third Reich photo
book introducing Hitler and the members of his first National Socialist cabinet.
Forbidden by the Nazi Party in 1935!