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Hoffmann photo book: Hitler in hisSS recruiting postcard in French
SEVEN different USMBOOKS web pages of original used and unused postcards
from the Third Reich at very reasonable prices. NO reproductions!
Der Zweite Weltkrieg im Bild, Dr. Franz Burda
A fine German two-book set called Der Zweite Weltkrieg im Bild published
in 1952, with 1200+ photos, most of them never published before.
POSTWAR German books about WW2 and Hitler
A large selection of lightly used, collectible German language books published in
Germany in the late 1940s and 1950s about the Third Reich and World War II.
Mein Kampf by Adolf Hitler, Hochzeitausgabe 1942
A fine 1942 half-leather cased wedding edition of Mein Kampf issued to a married couple in Pilsen, with the ink signature of  Oberlandrat (and Polizeidirektor) of Pilsen, Dr. Eckoldt.
Kampf und Sieg in Norwegen!
A rare, heavily illustrated Nazi Propaganda Office book that provided supporting information for a Nazi Party film presentation about the many faceted battle
and the German victory in Norway in 1940.
1940 Dachau prisoner envelope 3K
An actual envelope used by an inmate at Konzentrationslager Dachau or
Dachau Concentration Camp to write to his wife in Posen on 23 August 1940.
anti-Semitic Alfred Rosenberg books
Original Nazi era racial material by Alfred Rosenberg, one of the principal racial
theorist of the Nazi Party: Mythus des XX. Jahrhunderts and Gestaltung der Idee.
NSDAP Kampfschrift 1932
A very rare original 1932 NSDAP / Goebbels propaganda publication
urging the German population to vote for Adolf Hitler.
nazi Panzer
Fantastic Nazi combat photo book "Decisive Hours - With the Camera and the Enemy” with war correspondent photos from Poland, Norway, France, Maginot Line,
Belgium, Dunkirk - 24 pages of full-color photos and original color DJ.
Fröhliche Gabe für die SS-Kameraden an allen Fronten
A heavily illustrated mid-WW2 morale booster for Waffen-SS men
fighting at the front, courtesy of Reichführer-SS Heinrich Himmler.
German Iron Cross shaped frame
A very well-made absolutely authentic Imperial German cast iron picture frame manufactured in the shape of an Iron Cross with a wreath of deep relief laurel and oak leaves.
Adolf Hitler Volk und Rasse aus Mein Kampf
Rare politically-incorrect Third Reich publication with excepts from Mein Kampf 
and Adolf Hitler’s thoughts on Volk und Rasse, the National Socialist
concept of population and race in Germany.
Nazi map Mannheim Heidelberg 1939
A 1939 Nazi Reichskarte with eagle and swastika cover - Mannheim,
Heidelberg, Hockenheim, Worms, Rhine and Neckar River.
"Why War with Stalin?" published in 1941 by the SS Publishing House Nibelungen-Verlag to justify war with the Soviet Union to the population of Nazi Germany - heavily illustrated.
Hoheitrstrager magazine
Ten rareheavily illustrated issues of the NSDAP Kreisleiter / Gauleiter level magazine
Der Hoheitsträger (The Standard Bearer) hardbound as a book, 1940 - 1941.
Four Years economic progress exhibition 1937 Berlin
An original heavily illustrated catalog for the exhibition called "Give Me Four Years Time" held in Berlin in 1937, showcasing the Nazi achievements of the first four years in power.
U-Boot Kriegsabzeichen 1939


A fine Kriegsmarine book from 1943, "A Photo Documentary of the German Battle for Freedom At Sea" - SUPERB PHOTO CONTENT, hardcover with original DJ.
SS Leitheft 1943 issues BOUND
La SS t'appelle, Waffen-SS recruiting brochure
** SOLD**
Superb 1936 photo publication ADOLF HITLER - EIN MANN UND SEIN VOLK,
showing Hitler from WW1 soldier to statesman, as a politician, as a man of the people.
Hitlers Heimatland
A superb 1940 hardcover Nazi photo book on Oberdonau,
the homeland of Führer Adolf Hitler
Rommel HELDEN book 1943
An original 1943 example of the Erwin Rommel DAK photo book "Heroes of the Desert" with over 40 full-page black & white and 35 full-page full-color Afrikakorps photos.
ROMMEL 1944 death announcement
Replica reprints of both the cards given out at the funeral of Nazi Field Marshal Rommel and the cards mailed to those who had sent their condolences to the family of the late General in October 1944. 
SS Panzer eagle, nazi insignia
An fine selection of absolutely 100% original Third Reich SS, Gebirgsjäger,
Panzer, Kriegsmarine, Luftwaffe, Army cloth insignia, sleeve and cap eagles.
1938 Sonderheft Die Wehrmacht OESTERREICH
Oversized Special Edition of Die Wehrmacht magazine covering the festivities surrounding the reunification of Austria with Hitler’s Nazi Germany - superb photo content!
HJ knife Anton Wingen Solingen
A fine Hitler Youth knife and scabbard by Anton Wingen Jr. of Solingen,
maker and RZM marked M7/51/39.
Kunst dem Volk August 1939
The August 1939 issue of Kunst dem Volk featuring art from the 1939 Greater Germanic
Art Exhibition and photos from the opening ceremony at the House of German Art
Die Nationale Erhebung, THE NSDAP ASSUMPTION OF POWER IN 1933
Rare Nazi commemorative photo book about the road of Hitler and the Nazi
Party to the assumption of all important political power in Germany in January 1933
Goebbels books
Four Third Reich books authored by Nazi Propaganda Minister Dr. Goebbels,
with original dust jackets and special dedications to loyal Nazis.
1940 Nazi book with Hitelr Speeches
"The Greater German Freedom Struggle - Adolf Hitler Speeches" published on orders
of Reichsleiter Philipp Bouhler covering 1 September 1939 - 10 March 1940.
Fuehrergeschenk Hans Hammerlindl
A large lot of military and civilian documents issued to Johann (Hans) Hammerlindl,
a car mechanic from Vienna who served on the East Front.
1943 DAF primer for foreign workers in Nazi Germany
An illustrated 1943 DAF "Primer for Foreign Workers in Germany" meant to
familiarize foreign laborers with the German way of life, customs, language,
paramilitary organizations, rules and regulations.
Germanische Gemeinschaft
A 100% original color postcard and envelope canceled at the anti-Jewish
Nazi political exhibition Der ewige Jude (The Eternal Jew) in Vienna.
KATYN Massacre
A rare 1943 Nazi book containing the Official Evidentiary Results on the Soviet Mass Murder at Katyn, with victim list and gruesome photos of murdered Polish Army Officers.
Hans Suren in RAD uniform
Heavily illustrated 1938 hardcover example of Gymnastik der Deutschen by
German fitness expert Hans Suren, with rare exercise booklet and
five additional glossy exercise regiment charts.
M1942 Luftwaffe FLAK helmet
A genuine Luftwaffe single decal combat FLAK helmet, M1942 made by
Eisenhüttenwerke of Thale, size 64.  Never messed with
Flak an Rhein und Ruhr
A fine quality Nazi war art book in color called "Flak on the Rhine and Ruhr Rivers"
 published by Luftgaukommando VI of Münster in 1942 containing art produced
by men of Flak outfits protecting the industrial heartland of Germany.
Jahrbuch für den deutschen Soldaten in Norwegen 1941
A fine original heavily illustrated almanac-style Jahrbuch für den deutschen Soldaten
in Norwegen 1941
 published for German occupation forces in the country of Norway.
Feuer und Farbe, 1943 Nazi war art
The rare hardcover 1943 Nazi war art book FEUER UND FARBE with color and
back & white reproductions of paintings depicting every aspect of German troops
engaged in combat on the east and west front.
Soldatengeist SS Nibelungen-Verlag
A 1941 SS Publishing House Nibelungen Verlag book about the fighting spirit of Waffen SS and Wehrmacht soldiers at the front line, with Reichsführer-SS Himmler foreword.
anti-Jewish movie
Two different examples of heavily illustrated Third Reich movie brochures
for the extremely anti-Jewish 1940 Terra box office hit Jud Süß.
1933 Ein Kampf um Deutschland
A heavily illustrated, anti-communist Nazi book from 1933 called Ein Kampf um
(A Battle for Germany) with a 16-page supplement about Adolf Hitler's life.
Mein Kampf film
German language film brochures for postwar movies about WW2 and the Third Reich.  
Includes Mein Kampf, the Desert Fox, a Golden Globe winning film and
the 1950 come-back film for Nazi movie star
Zarah Leander.
Philpp Guyot document grouping
The unusual Nazi document grouping of Philipp Guyot, a member of the NSDAP and
SA who died while serving in the Nazi Army near Bauska in Latvia.
Includes a rare, period hand-drawn map of the location of his WW2 grave.
Don't trust a fox ... Stuermer Verlag
A beautiful 4th edition of the controversial, vitriolic, heavily illustrated Stürmer
Verlag book
Don't Trust a Fox in a Green Pasture Or a Jew Upon His Oath!
Rare 1943 Nazi photo book Infanterie im Osten about the the "Incomparable
German Infantrymen" during the German invasion of the Soviet Union.
Nazi souvenir photo set Nuremberg
Absolutely original Nazi Schupo shoulder boards, Heeresverwaltung Officer
shoulder boards, artillery collar tabs and Nazi uniform buttons
NSKK insignia
Three Nationalsozialistische Kraftfahrkorps (NSKK or National Socialist Motor Corps) insignia with original RZM manufacturer's labels.
Heinrich Hoffmann photo books catalog
Bilddokumente vom Führer,  a genuine Third Reich Heinrich Hoffmann
advertising catalog for five different Adolf Hitler photo books.
Der Untermensch
The ultra- rare 1942 Nordland Verlag SS publication Der Untermensch - extremely
anti-Jewish, anti-Soviet, anti-Semitic Nazi material. Complete and 100% original!
Das Gesicht der Niederlande
Das Gesicht der Niederlande, a hardcover photo book by SS-Obersturmführer
Leutheuser produced for Reichskommissar Seyss-Inquart and Nazi soldiers
in the Netherlands showing the beauty of German occupied Holland.
RAD shovel commemorative plate 1935
Hitler postage stamps
Four different examples of Führersonderbriefmarken, a block of four special Hitler
postage stamps, proceeds were used to fund cultural projects in Nazi Germany.
KZ Buchenwald


An actual envelope used by an inmate at Konzentrationslager Weimar-Buchenwald or Buchenwald Concentration Camp near Weimar to write to his wife on 23 Janaury 1942.
Nazi soldier song books
Wehrmacht soldier songbooks including the 1939 "Catholic Field Prayer  and Song Book", Kriegsmarine and Luftwaffe song books. PAGE 1 & PAGE 2
Der Luftschutz magazines 1939
All twelve 1939 issues of DER LUFTSCHUTZ, a very interesting, heavily illustrated Nazi magazine with articles about air raid protection, aviation and aviation equipment, HARDBOUND in a book - complete.
hand-carved Nazi picture frame
SEVEN different USMBOOKS web pages of original used and unused postcards
from the Third Reich at very reasonable prices. NO reproductions!
Nazi war art folio Von Kampf und Sieg des deutschen Soldaten
A rare Nazi war art folio called "About the Battle and Victory of German Soldiers" showing the victorious German soldiers of Armee Busch in 1940 in western Europe.  Complete.
WHW Abzeichen
An assortment of original WHW Third Reich charity collection Abzeichen