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BdM girls with Adolf Hitler
Hitler with Aryan girl
Hitler admirers
One of the earlier Heinrich Hoffmann photo books on Adolf Hitler is Jugend um Hitler (Youth Around Hitler). The 7-1/4 x 9-7/8 inch, 96 page very heavily illustrated softcover book was published by Zeitgeschichte Verlag in Berlin, Germany in 1934 with the intention of countering the enormous anti-Hitler propaganda then being circulated around the world in the foreign press.
Hitler visitor at the Berghof
Hitler fans
Hitler Youth
NSV home
Hitler autograph
It contains a foreword by HJ Leader Baldur von Schirach.  Most pages of Jugend um Hitler have either a full-page photo or two half-page sepia tone photos of Germany’s 23rd Chancellor, Adolf Hitler with children: boys in HJ uniforms, girls in BdM outfits and folklore dresses and children in general in close proximity to Hitler during the early days of the Third ReichEven the grandchildren of Reichspräsident von Hindenburg!
Many of the big clear photos were taken at the Berghof on the Obersalzberg above Berchtesgaden but there are also pictures taken in East Prussia, Hessen, Odenwald, Württemberg and Hannover.
Many show SS, SA and other Nazi personalities other than the Führer, such as Sepp Dietrich, Baldur von Schirach, Viktor Lütze, Julius Schreck, etc.
Hitler on the campaign trail
SS visor cap in background
Hitler Youth boys
HJ boy meets Hitler
The 120 rare Nazi photos by Hoffmann Studio in München were made before 1934 when many of those in Nazi uniforms wore World War I medals and Day Bagdes.
This is an original Third Reich softcover edition of the 31 - 60,000 printing of the book Jugend um Hitler.  It is in very good, little used condition and has its original 75+ year old dust jacket.  The back flap of the dust jacket has advertising for another early Third Reich Heinrich Hoffmann photo book Hitler wie Ihn keiner kennt.
Jugend um Hitler 1934 Hoffmann Bildband

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