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Illustrierter Heeres-Kalender 1943
This is a very nice example of the rare 5-7/8 x 8-1/4 inch, 240 page very heavily illustrated Köhlers Illustrierter Heeres-Kalender 1943 or Illustrated Army Calendar for the year 1943 as published by Wilhelm Köhlers Verlag in Minden, Westfalia, Germany.
French Wehrmacht volunteers
Not a calendar in the usual sense, this annual review of the German Army has a Willrich illustration of a steely-eyed German soldier in a fur cap holding a machine pistol on the front cover. There is no traditional monthly calendar inside anywhere. This book uses the German word Kalender to mean a careful, subject-by-subject review of German Army matters from the previous year.
Wehrmacht soldier
Blood Order
The thick book starts with a photograph of Adolf Hitler and Field Marshals Keitel and Von Rundstedt pouring over maps in the Führerhauptquartier at Rastenburg, followed by lists of Army and Waffen-SS Knights Cross of the Iron Cross and Knights Cross of the Iron Cross Oak Leaf winners through 1941.

The war is then recapped in Europe and Africa and all matters related to the German Wehrmacht are given illustrated coverage. There are three pages on Generalfeldmarschall Erwin Rommel of the Afrikakorps, a six page article on army motorcyclists, another on Artillery , one on the service of the Jap soldier, and one on war dogs.

Other illustrated articles deal with the French Volunteer Legion, the Wallonian Legion, Bicycle Troops, Development of the German Helmet, Feldpost, Panzerjäger, Medals and Orders, the city of Odessa, Friedrich the Great, etc. At the end there are wonderful display ads including a full-page ad for Ford trucks, “the Helper of the Soldier”. Very good condition.