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The 10-1/2 x 14-1/2 inch heavily photographic magazine Die Wehrmacht (The Armed Forces) is without question the most reliable authority on matters related to the Armed Forces of the Third Reich Germany of Adolf Hitler. After the Nazis demanded and won the allegiance of the Junkers and the military, the conversion of the Armed Forces by the NSDAP began in earnest. New helmets, uniforms, weapons and heavy equipment began to flow to the armed services in a never-ending stream. Committed professionals displaced old-timers in the military and the people of Germany didn't need to be told to take pride in their army. Anything and everything that pertained to or impacted the military in Nazi Germany was reported and shown on the pages of Die Wehrmacht. It was published by the Oberkommando der Wehrmacht (OKW or Armed Forces High Command) and was the official government position on all matters military.

Some Special Editions of Die Wehrmacht on this USMBOOKS webpage are individually priced, but most issues are priced at only $22.00 each + $5.00 delivery in the continental USA by Media Mail (foreign buyers inquire about postage costs).  If you buy five or more issues of $22.00 Die Wehrmacht magazines, the price is only $20.00 each and we pay for postage.  This discount does not apply to individually priced issues of Die Wehrmacht shown on other webpages.  

DIE WEHRMACHT   1937/38/39   • 1940   • 1941   • 1942   • 1943

D-Day 1944
July 1944 Wehrmacht in France
Battle Front Italy May 1944; Strike at the Heart of Rumania; Evacuating Casualties from Cassino; advertising, puzzles, jokes, cartoons.  This magazine has 12 pages and is in very good condition.   
The Allied D-Day Invasion of Normandy in France; the Might of the American and British Forces; the Personal Equipment Carried by Luftwaffe Fliers; the Grave of Allied Glider Troops; Pinching Off the Russians on the Dnjestr River; advertising, puzzles, jokes, cartoons.  This magazine has 12 pages and is in very good condition.

Invasion Front Normandy; Sea Mines; Flak Near Ploesti; Schnellboot Success at Normandy; advertising, puzzles, jokes, cartoons.  This 12-page magazine has detached covers and is in good condition.

21 July 1944 Die Wehrmacht

DIE WEHRMACHT   1938/39   • 1940   • 1941   • 1942   • 1943

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Die Wehrmacht 14 June 1944 - Special Edition
Wehrmacht in action
Nazi Luftwaffe

14 JUNE 1944

In the German language, 24 pages, Wehrmacht soldier in camouflage on the front and back cover.

Every German soldier is a fortress, the war front in Italy, German tanks in the heart of Romania, U-Boote, wounded German evacuees from Monte Cassino, etc. Great period German advertising as well as puzzles and cartoons.

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