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The 10-1/2 x 14-1/2 inch heavily photographic magazine Die Wehrmacht (The Armed Forces) is without question the most reliable authority on matters related to the Armed Forces of the Third Reich Germany of Adolf Hitler. After the Nazis demanded and won the allegiance of the Junkers and the military, the conversion of the Armed Forces by the NSDAP began in earnest. New helmets, uniforms, weapons and heavy equipment began to flow to the armed services in a never-ending stream. Committed professionals displaced old-timers in the military and the people of Germany didn't need to be told to take pride in their army. Anything and everything that pertained to or impacted the military in Nazi Germany was reported and shown on the pages of Die Wehrmacht. It was published by the Oberkommando der Wehrmacht (OKW or Armed Forces High Command) and was the official government position on all matters military.

Some Special Editions of Die Wehrmacht on this USMBOOKS webpage are individually priced, but most issues are priced at only $22.00 each + $5.00 delivery in the continental USA by Media Mail (foreign buyers inquire about postage costs).  If you buy five or more issues of $22.00 Die Wehrmacht magazines, the price is only $20.00 each and we pay for postage.  This discount does not apply to individually priced issues of Die Wehrmacht shown on other webpages.  

DIE WEHRMACHT   1937/38/39   • 1941   • 1942   • 1943   • 1944/45

Air Raid Over London - the Germans Arrive!; Bombing in Africa; Italian Conquests; Drama at Oran; the Blücher in Oslo Fjord; Female Signal Troops; Troops on Leave in Berlin; Souvenirs of the Victory in the West; advertising, puzzles, jokes, cartoons. 

This magazine has 32 pages and is in very good condition.
London Air Raids by the LUftwaffe
England Under Our Watch and Fist; Continuous Attacks; Heroes of Today; Wehrmacht Request Concert; the Edelweiss (Mountain Troops) Near the Pole; advertising, puzzles, jokes, cartoons. 
This magazine has 32 pages and is in very good condition.
Japanese Armed Forces; British Reaction to War; Italian Troops in East Africa; Munitions for War; German Soldiers on a Mine Railway at Narvik; Kampfgeschwader Lützow Sturmartillerie; the Blücher in Oslo Fjord; advertising, puzzles, jokes, cartoons. 
This magazine has 32 pages and is in very good condition. 

DIE WEHRMACHT   1938/39   • 1941   • 1942   • 1943   • 1944/45

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Nazi Panzer in Frankreich
German Troops in France including the Spanish Border area, the English Channel Coast, Paris, Le Havre, Verdun; the Battle at Narvik; the Skoda Factory at Pilsen (Plzn); French Navy Ships, etc.
Luftwaffe  over England
Maginot Line; Nazi U-Boot training; RAD men at work; Captured British Materiel in Northern France; Nazi Army Medics; Italian Alpine Battlefield and Italian Bomb Attacks on Gibraltar; Stukas against England, etc. 
32 PAGES - $25.00
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