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Julius Streicher
Jews are our Misfortune
Des Stürmer's Kampf (The Stürmer's Battle) is an extremely rare, extremely anti-Semitic 6-1/8 x 8-7/8 inch, 50 page very heavily illustrated soft cover book and is the concise history of the Stürmer Verlag of Julius Streicher in Nürnberg, as written in 1937 by Stürmer editor Karl Holz and published on the 15th anniversary of the first issue of Der Stürmer newspaper.

Following an introduction by Julius Streicher, there are reproductions of the front pages of the most historic issues of Der Stürmer newspaper including the very first issue from 1923. On the page opposite the reproduction is an extremely important historical overview of the events and illustrations on the front page of the paper, from the perspective of the paper.
Der Stuermer for sale in NYC
Die Juden sind unser Unglück
Jewish doctors (Rapists and Murderers)
Anti-Jewish FIPS cartoon
Stürmer Kästen or Stürmer Cases
There is a reproduction of the issue distributed at Deutscher Tag in Nürnberg in August 1923 bearing a retail selling price of 100,000 Marks! The headline asks the question, "What is the Position of the Enemy?", and the text explains that world history tells us that Jews are the enemy. Der Stürmer for December 1925 carries the first illustration by artist "Fips", Philipp Rupprecht. An issue from 1931 shows the interior of prison cell number 258 where Julius Streicher was incarcerated for being a Nazi.
Other issues depicted carry more traditional Fips illustrations of Jews doing the most terrible things to their goyem victims. The book also contains the entire text of the seven points of the National Law for the Protection of German Blood and German Justice. There are reproductions of letters from the leader of German Doctors, the Reichsführer-SS Heinrich Himmler, SA Chief of Staff Lütze, Adolf Wagner and others.
A series of photographs at the back of the book show many examples of Stürmer Kästen or Stürmer Cases, long glass fronted anti-Semitic boxes in which the latest issue of , Der Stürmer was exhibited in towns and cities across Germany for the populous to read. There are even photographs of Stürmer Kästen in places like Buenos Aires and New York. The final full-page photo in the book shows a Stürmer sales lady hawking the paper on a busy thoroughfare in New York City, USA!

Des Stürmers Kampf is so anti-Semitic in its tenor and content that very few examples survived the Allied denazification process at the end of World War II. It is rarely found even in the largest and most comprehensive collections of Third Reich anti-Semitic material.

This 100% original Third Reich example is complete and in very nice original condition. No odor.
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