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1937 Ausstellungsfuehrer Entartete Kunst
Although well-advertised, conveniently located and free of any admission charge, German art lovers apparently subscribed to the point of view of the Nazis and decided they did not wish to see communist sketches, barbarians, anti-Christian paintings, class-warfare as art, anarchist drawings, and grotesque sculptures. The exhibition was a poorly attended Nazi critical success.

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Degenerate Art exhibition 1937
This is a very nice original example of the 5-5/8 x 8-1/4 inch, 32 page, very heavily illustrated soft cover Ausstellungsführer or guide book for the Nazi anti-Jewish, anti-communist exhibition of Entartete Kunst or Degenerate Art.
The exhibition was held at the Hofgarten Arcade in München (Munich), Germany during the summer and fall of 1937 at the same time as the first Great German Art Exhibition (Grosse Deutsche Kunstausstellung) in the House of German Art (Haus der Deutschen Kunst) on Prinzregentenstrasse in Munich.

The exhibition was mounted by the Culture Office of the Reichspropagandaleitung in Berlin to showcase the hundreds of works removed from museum across Germany and reclassified as “degenerate art”.

Billed as “Communist and Jewish Garbage”, it became a last opportunity for Germans to see many works by Chagall, Van Gogh, Gauguin, Kokoschka, Modigliani, Matisse, Picasso, Klee, Levy, Feininger, Braque, Derain, Ensor, Laurencin, Pascin, Vlaminck, Marc, Nolde, Hofer, Rohlfs, Dix, Beckmann, Pechstein, Kirchner, Heckel, Grosz, Schmidt-Rottluff, Müller, Modersohn, Macke, Corinth, Liebermann, Amiet, Baraud, Lehmbruck, Mataré, Marcks, Archipenko and Barlach.
With full knowledge that the degenerate art would be sold abroad when the exhibition closed, German citizens stayed away in droves.
In part because the exhibition was the result of the historic Nazi “cleansing” of public German art collections, because nobody in postwar Germany wanted to be seen in possession of this guidebook, and in part because the exhibition was so poorly attended, original guidebooks for the exhibition of Entartete Kunst are now nearly impossible to find.

This very rare 81 year old original Ausstellungsführer is complete and in very good little-used condition.