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This heavily illustrated anti-American 1942 Nazi book is **SOLD**
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In Gottes eigenem Land (In God’s Own Country), “A Look into the Dollar-Paradise”
Anti-American Nazi book
superficial American society
advertising is racket based on sex appeal
the well of corruption
drugstore cowboys, political bosses,
Al Capone
This is a nice original example of the 5-1/2 x 7-3/4 inch, 98 page heavily illustrated soft cover book In Gottes eigenem Land (In God's Own Country), "A Look into the Dollar-Paradise" as told by Dr. E. Ahlswede and published by the Central Publishing House of the Nazi Party Franz Eher Nachfolger in Berlin in 1942.

The book purports to be an objective report on conditions and culture in America where virtually everything is driven by Jews and money. The book explains that the people are busy being busy without rest or relaxation, that advertising is racket based on sex appeal, etc.

There is an explanation of American mannerisms, the sensation of Hollywood, the divorce industry in Reno, hen-pecked husbands, gold digging ladies, drugstore cowboys, political bosses, the well of corruption, the Broadway melody, slums, gangs and rackets, king of the gangsters, automania, time and money, chewing gum, the American woman, etc., etc.
The book is well illustrated with pictures of babes, mobsters, sports, goofy marriages, Times Square and other American scenes. Very anti-Semitic. Nice condition.

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