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Also for sale on, a 1941 Reichsmusikkammer ID
issued to a female piano teacher

This genuine Third Reich RKK ephemera lot is offered for sale
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Reichsmusikkammer of Gau Oberdonau
Präsident der Reichsmusikkammer in Berlin
The original Third Reich ephemera lot we offer on this USMBOOKS web page belonged to Mrs. Luise Fraudetsky of Bad Ischl, a woman who joined the Reichsmusikkammer Linz in "Adolf Hitler 's Home Land", Gau Oberdonau in 1939. Bad Ischl is a very picturesque small village, but it is in the middle of nowhere in the Salzkammergut and the town had no Reichskulturkammer office where Luise Fraudetsky could pay her membership dues in person. This paperwork is proof she paid her RKK dues by mail to the Linz office rather than in person since she lived in such a small town.
RKK Mitgliedsbeitrage or membership payments
There is a 5-7/8 x 8-1/4 inch official statement from the Präsident der Reichsmusikkammer in Berlin dated 28 July 1941, confirming receipt of Luise Fraudetsky's RKK dues for October - December 1939 and all 12 months of the year 1940. This statement states membership dues depend on the member's income. At the bottom is a rubber stamp from the RKK representative office in Gau Oberdonau in Linz.

There are four additional 5-7/8 x 8-1/4 inch receipts from the head of the Reichsmusikkammer of Gau Oberdonau confirming Mitgliedsbeitrage or membership payments in August and September 1941 and August and September 1942. Attached to those receipts are dues stamps that Luise Fraudetsky was supposed to glue into her RKK membership ID booklet.
Also included is a 4-page informational brochure from the Reichshochschule für Musik in Wien, the second largest city in Hitler's Greater Germany. It contains information about musical studies at the Academy for Music in Vienna for the summer semester of 1943: what schooling was required, when to apply, the length of studies, etc. Interestingly, German nationality was required, a certificate of good health, no criminal record as well as the proper political attitude!

Rare original Third Reich Reichskulturkammer material in good used condition.



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