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NSDAP id, 3. Reich Wehrpass
A fine Third Reich document grouping containing the 1931 and 1935 Nazi Party
membership ID, Wehrpass and photos of engineer Otto Bronner, a WW1 veteran
(and POW) who worked for a company that employed slave laborers during WW2.
Nazi passports
Two rare original Nazi passports -  one issued to a Rhine River sailor at the
German consulate in Rotterdam in May 1940 (with Höhere SS und Polizeiführer 
and Wasserschutzpolizei stamps) and one to the pretty daughter of a ship captain.
Nazi Mother's Cross + Award certificate
Blut und Boden Beitragskarte
An original Blut und Boden Beitragskarte, the contribution record of a young gardener
who paid dues to the Nazi agricultural organization Blut und Boden from
30 September 1937 thru 31 July 1938.
Deutsche Reichspost Postsparbuch + Postsparbuch Ausweiskarte
An original Deutsche Reichspost Postsparbuch and Postsparbuch Ausweiskarte, a Nazi savings account ID as well as deposit and withdrawal slips used between 1939 and 1944.
Hitler Youth IDs
The 100% original Hitler Youth Dienstbuch or Service Record Book from a Hitlerjunge in Berlin as well as a  HJ Sporttagebuch for recording performance in HJ athletic events.
DRV Mitgliedskarte
A very nice original 1933-1934 membership ID of the
Deutscher Radfahrer-Verband (DRV or German Bicyclist Association).
Herbert Natter, Austrian Nazi
A 1938 Nazi Claim Questionnaire from the NS-Vermittlungsstelle from an early Austrian National Socialist who had been imprisoned for 1-1/2 years for being a Nazi Party member.
3. Reich Ahnentafel
A 100% original Third Reich Ahnentafel,
a beautifully illustrated racial pedigree certificate that was never filled out!
The original Third Reich service record of a dentist from Kattowitz
who ended up as as a guard for POWs in France.
Philpp Guyot document grouping
The unusual Nazi document grouping of Philipp Guyot, a member of the NSDAP and
SA who died while serving in the Nazi Army near Bauska in Latvia.
Includes a rare, period hand-drawn map of the location of his WW2 grave.
Fuehrergeschenk Hans Hammerlindl
A large lot of military and civilian documents issued to Johann (Hans) Hammerlindl,
a car mechanic from Vienna who served on the East Front.
Guido Goroll
Fascinating historical material of Berlin actor Guido Goroll who entertained
combat troops in Eastern Europe (KdF Truppenbetreuung) and ended up
at the restricted Wehrmacht compound at Zossen in 1945.
1941 Schmiedehandwerk Lehrbrief
Original Third Reich certificates issued to Karl Heinz Röde, a young
man who finished his three-year blacksmith apprenticeship in 1941.
Muenchen, Hauptstadt der Bewegung
Nazi employment IDs of a Dutch woman working for Buchgewerbehaus Müller
& Sohn in Munich, the Nazi publishing empire that printed Mein Kampf, the
Beobachter, Illustrierte Beobachter and Das Schwarze Korps.
Nazi Aryan proof
Two original Nazi Racial Purity Certificates, a 1940 Nazi Police Registration Form
and DAF membership ID - all from the Hacker family residing on Adolf Hitler
Square 19 in Perchtoldsdorf in the Vienna Woods.
Sonderausweis Oberleutnant Otto Führer
Original WW2 Nazi travel documents and telegram relating to the transfer of
Oberleutnant Otto Führer who served on the east and west front. Führer was
declared free of VD by a field doctor in the Soviet Union before he was sent west!
A Kriegsurlaubschein or a "War Holiday Form" / railway ticket, issued on 19 September 1940 to Wehrmacht Officer Hauptmann Prochaska by Einheit Feldpost Nr. 19925.
Nazi health insurance
Three Third Reich healthcare fund contribution cards that were used by a female
civil servant to record payments between May 1938 and December 1943.
NSKK Ausweis
Rare original Nazi documents issued to 20 year old NSKK-Rottenführer Horst Draud:
a NSDAP Kreisleitung Gross-Frankfurt Dienstausweis and an NSKK
Operating Qualifications Certificate for woodgas generator equipped trucks.
Nazi Arbeitsbuch
Original Arbeitsbücher for a dancer, a butcher, a master tailor, an engineer, a worker
at the Alpine Montan Aktiengesellschaft 'Hermann Göring', a foreign worker
at Siemens, a German Press Office employee, a baker, and one used until 1978!
3. Reich Fuehrerschein
Three genuine Third Reich Führerscheine, oilcloth driving permits issued to women in
1939 with original ID photos and all the right Nazi police eagle and swastika stamps.
Ausweis fuer Grabenkaempfer
A very rare original Soldbuch supplement called Ausweis für Grabenkämpfer (Identity Document for Trench Fighters) issued in December 1944 to a member of the 10th Panzer Grenadier Regiment 76 of the 20th Panzer Grenadier Division in Russia.
Original Nazi Truppenausweis der SS-Verfügungstruppe issued to
SS-St. Anwärter Benno Kalweit in the spring of 1938.
Luftgaustab Finnland 1943
An unusual Wehrmacht driving license printed in Oslo, Norway and issued by
Luftgaustab Finnland
on 19 May 1943 to man whose last name translates as "dagger".
SEVEN original Nazi identity documents issued to Deutsche Arbeitsfront (German Labor Front) members, including two engineers, a stonemason and a seamstress.
An original Third Reich Ausweis issued to a man in Cologne who lost his house
during an Allied bombing raid on Cologne on 30 October 1944.
Croatia Laborer ID
An original World War 2 ID called Arbeitskarte für ausländische Arbeitskräfte or Labor Card for Foreign Workers issued to a Croatian man employed in the Nazi war industry in 1942.
Original Third Reich documents: 1944 Wild Berry & Mushroom Collecting ID, RLB IDs issued to a married couple, 1943 Munich coal delivery ID, DRL certificate, etc.
Two original WW2 Entlausungsscheine issued at the East Front in 1942, an
unused Wehrmacht Wundzettel or military Wound Ticket and NSV IDs.
Malaria-Merkblatt 1942
Two 100% original Merkblatt für Soldaten, original Soldbuch inserts about dysentery
and malaria issued by the Nazi the Army Medical Corps on 9 March 1942.
Reichssender Wien
Nazi Wehrpaß and Arbeitsbuch of Ludwig Unger of Reichssender Wien.
Bomb ID
Nazi ID for foreign worker who was a victim of Allied bombing.