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Endzeitkämpfer Ideologie und Terror der SS
Himmler, Heydrich, Daluege, etc.
Wewelsburg SS Castle
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SS Wewelsburg
SS tapestry with Nazi swastika flags
Wewelsburg, a small village of the town of Büren in Paderbornland, Westfalia (Nord), Germany has for hundreds of years been the site of a beautiful stone castle set atop a natural rock outcropping overlooking a wide valley.  Built between 1604 and 1607 on the ruins of a much older fortress, Wewelsburg castle was the seat of Fürstbischof Theodor von Fürstenberg. For many years it was host to history, accommodating Napoleon, the Prussians and countless religious leaders. In 1815 lightning struck and destroyed a part of one of the three towers and the building fell into disrepair with only sections of it being put to use. Destruction by time and nature seemed all but certain.
SS Julleuchter
Fate and the Third Reich intervened, however. Reichsführer-SS Heinrich Himmler was searching Germany in 1933 for an acceptable site for an Ordensburg (or Order Castle) and Reichsführerschule (or National Leader School) for the high leadership within the SS. Subsequent to a comprehensive investigation, Himmler determined that Wewelsburg possessed the proper Germanic history and site potential to become the home of his "Order of Nordic Men" so he leased it from the government for 100 years at a cost of 1 Reichsmark (40 US cents) per year! Today Wewelsburg castle still stands and the SS headquarters is a SS Museum housing a collection not duplicated anywhere else on earth.
swastika designs by Willigut
The huge 9-1/4 x 11-3/4 inch, 464 page, 5 pound book we offer here is far and away the best reference to the SS castle at Wewelsburg and the collections of the SS Museum at Wewelsburg that money can buy. The book Endzeitkämpfer, Ideologie und Terror der SS is filled with hundreds and hundreds (perhaps thousands) of full-color and black & white photographs that cover every aspect of the town of Wewelsburg, the acquisition of the castle by Reichsführer-SS Heinrich Himmler in the mid 1930s as a home for his SS Order of Nordic Men, the people involved in not only the construction and staffing of the castle but the SS in general, the historic excavations around Wewelsburg, the concentration camp, products produced at Wewelsburg and the infrastructure that supported the SS staff there.
SS ring
SS pottery
Third Reich swastika jewelry
There are extremely comprehensive chapters on RF-SS Heinrich Himmler, the SS mentality, the organization of the SS, the criminality of the SS during the war, the town and castle of Wewelsburg during the war, the concentration camp at Wewelsburg, the capture of Wewelsburg by the Americans in 1945, etc., etc. There are individual pictures of all sorts of SS equipment from coffee can hats, police shakos, identity disks and insignia, SS helmets, SS collar patches, SS books, SS sculpture, SS badges, swastika brooches, candle holders, SS rings, SS uniforms, SS publications, SS daggers and belt buckles, SS pottery, jewelry, porcelain, Allach, Wewelsburg chairs, table service items, maps, models, paintings, furniture, etc.
RF-SS Heinrich Himmler
Reichsführer-SS Heinrich Himmler tent
Hitler and National Socialism
SS at Wewelsburg
All in all, this is a very importnat book for students of the subject of the SS, concentration camps, SS personnel, SS materiel, the castle at Wewelsburg, etc.

We can't begin to describe the full content of this book so we have used a great many photos to try to give a prospective buyer a good idea of how the book is assembled.

The huge book, Endzeitkämpfer, Ideologie und Terror der SS, is in brand new condition.
SS marriages at Wewelsburg
Wewelsburg Chair
SS tabelware
SS-Obergruppenführer Reinhard Heydrich
Zyklon B
SS pins, SS dagger, SS belt buckle
SS designs for modern jewelry
SS gemienschftshus Wewelsburg

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