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Hitler biography Philipp Bouhler
Terramare Publication No.1, ADOLF HITLER - A SHORT SKETCH OF HIS LIFE, Philipp Bouhler
Adolf Hitler, Hoffmann photo
Terramare Publications in Berlin specialized in the publication of booklets, essays and press releases in foreign languages, providing the public outside of Greater Germany the National Socialist view on subjects like Nazi foreign policy, economic policy, racial policy, compulsory labor, social welfare, education, culture, and the place of women in German society, etc. Their office in was on Kronenstrasse 1, in the government quarter of Berlin.
Terramare Publication No.1, ADOLF HITLER - A SHORT SKETCH OF HIS LIFE, Philipp Bouhler
Hitler and the SA
Hitler with British war veterans
This is their first publication, ADOLF HITLER - A SHORT SKETCH OF HIS LIFE by Philipp Bouhler, Head of the Führer's Personal Chancellery. It is an abbreviated English language version of the German book Adolf Hitler by Philipp Bouhler published by Charles Coleman in Lübeck in 1933.
Philipp Bouhler and Adolf Hitler
Hitler speech
Berghof, Obersalzberg, Berchtesgaden
This 5-5/8 x 8-½ inch, 48 page softcover Terramare publication from 1938 contains photos by Leni Riefenstahl, Heinrich Hoffmann, Associated Press, Acherl, Weltbild and the New York Times. The photos show Hitler with foreign ambassadors in the Reichschancellery, Hitler speaking with British war veterans, Hitler at the Nazi Party Days in Nuremberg, Hitler greeting Hindenburg, as well as one of Adolf Hitler and Philipp Bouhler wearing his SS uniform.

A rare 79 year old Nazi German publication in the English language, complete and in very nice used condition.

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1933 German language Bouhler biography of Hitler.

Terramare Publication No.1, ADOLF HITLER - A SHORT SKETCH OF HIS LIFE is **SOLD**
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