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Reichsleiter and SSPhilipp Bouhler
Adolf Hitler - Das Werden einer Volksbewegung
This is a nice used example of the early Philipp Bouhler biography of Adolf Hitler published in 1933 by Verlag Charles Coleman in Lübeck as Volume 11 of their small biography series of famous men and women. Starting with Julius Caesar in 1932, Coleman also produced volumes on notables from Maria Theresia to Cecil Rhodes, Hindenburg, Mussolini, Stalin, Edison, Wagner, and Frederick the Great.
The book Adolf Hitler - Das Werden einer Volksbewegung (Adolf Hitler - the Emergence of a Popular Movement) by Philipp Bouhler was considered relatively objective material at the time of its publication in March 1933 as Hitler had been in office as Chancellor for less than one month. Very rare!
Left, Philipp Bouhler (1899 - 1945) was a World War I veteran and early member of the Nazi Party. He studied philosophy for a short while, was a contributor for the newspaper the Völkischer Beobachter and in 1933 was elected to the Reichstag. In 1934 Bouhler became the Chef of Hitler’s Reichschancellery as well as the main Inspector of the Commission for the Protection of National Socialist Literature (Chef der Kanzlei des Führers und Vorsitzender der Parteiamtlichen Prüfungskommission zum Schutze des NS-Schrifttums). Later he headed the Nazi euthanasia program called Aktion T4.

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