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Nazi identity documents
This extremely rare grouping of Nazi identity documents consists of the Army Wehrpaß and State Arbeitsbuch of well-known Nazi radio musical personality, broadcaster and operational chief of Reichssender Wien (German State Broadcasting Vienna), Ludwig Unger.
One look at the photograph in Unger’s Army Wehrpaß (Permanent Military Service Record Book) will tell you he was not an ordinary draftee, but a good looking, rather dramatic young gentleman.

His occupation shown in the 1938 Wehrpaß is “Schauspieler” or actor. His service in Infantry Regiment 4 and his medals earned in World War I have been carried into his Nazi Wehrpaß, but his service to the country as a broadcaster during World War II was far too valuable to allow him to be put back into the trenches. The Wehrpaß also contains Unger’s pink Wehrpaß Notiz dated April 1942.

Wehrpaß Unger
Nazi Arbeitsbuch
Unger’s Arbeitsbuch (Permanent Employment Record) was issued 18 January 1940 and shows that the 44 year old had worked for Radio Vienna since 1926! The middle entry on pages 6 and 7 from 1941 shows him as “Leiter vom Dienst” or Chief Operating Officer of Reichssender Wien. Wien or Vienna was the second largest city in the Großdeutschland of Adolf Hitler (only Berlin was larger) and running Reichssender Wien was pretty much the German equivalent of running all the broadcasting stations in Chicago or Los Angeles during World War II.
The final entry in Unger’s Second Type Arbeitsbuch (with the large eagle and swastika on the cover) shows that he was still working as a consultant to the Austrian Broadcasting Authority in 1949. Reichs-Rundfunk
Nazi eagle and swastika
These are very rare documents in excellent condition. From the collection of by Ray & Josephine Cowdery, authors of the full-color Third Reich Identity Document book,Papers Please!.
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