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German Print Advertising 1933 -1945 GERMAN PRINT ADVERTISING 1933 - 1945
The only reference book of its type, this 176 page hardcover book is an amazing time capsule of the Third Reich era in Germany. Over 400 ads in color and black & white of hundreds companies including BMW, Mercedes-Benz, WMF, Eickhorn, Allach, IG Farben, Junkers, RZM, etc.
Reichschancellery The New German Reichschancellery
This heavily illustrated 128 page hardcover book contains a complete illustrated history of the New Reichschancellery in Berlin, designed and built in 1938 by Albert Speer. Period and modern illustrations, maps and a 11 x 28 inch fold-out showing plan, view and architectural drawings.
Look to Germany - the Heart of Europe
Look To Germany - The Heart of Europe
A letter-perfect reprint of the 1937 English language edition of American Stanley McClatchie's book which was published in Germany by Adolf Hitler's photographer Heinrich Hoffmann. This book has 248 pages and contains over 300 photographs.
Reinhard Heydrich - Assassination! Reinhard Heydrich: Assassination!
The complete and unbiased story of the events surrounding the assassination of SS-General Reinhard Heydrich in Prague in the spring of 1942. Contains over 130 rare photographs and maps created especially for this 120 page, heavily illustrated book.
SS Leithefte SS Leithefte (Reprint of the Heydrich Funeral Issue 1942)
This perfect reprint of an original SS magazine contains the final tributes of Hitler and Reichsführer-SS Himmler to their friend and comrade, SS-Obergruppenführer Heydrich on 9 June 1942 during the grandest state funeral to take place in Germany during World War II.
Papers Please! Papers Please! Identity Documents of the Third Reich
In a clear encyclopedic style this 144 page hardcover book describes and shows a range of over 80 fascinating German World War II identity documents in full color and gives a page-by-page analysis of the contents of each one. Nazi membership books, passports, paybooks, civilian IDs, etc.
Der KdF Wagen Der KdF Wagen (The "Strength Through Joy" Car) 1939
A fine reproduction of the extremely scarce 1939 German ,,Kleiner Prospekt’’ or small brochure designed to sell consumers on the original Volkswagen. Beautifully illustrated!
Dein KdF Wagen Dein KdF Wagen (Your Volkswagen) 1939
A magnificent, faithful reproduction of the original 1939 German sales brochure for the original Volkswagen, the ,,Kraft durch Freude'' (KdF or “Strength Through Joy”) car. A masterpiece of early automotive art with many highly detailed full-page and half-page photographs.
Masters of Ceremony Masters of Ceremony
Over 140 historic Heinrich Hoffmann photographs document the Nazi ceremonies in celebration of Reichs Party Day Großdeutschland in Nürnberg in 1938, and Adolf Hitler’s 50th birthday celebration in Berlin in 1939. Photo captions in both German and English.
Hitler's Heimatland Hitlers Heimatland - Hitler's Native Land
In text and photos, this 96 page book focuses in great detail on the buildings, towns, people and places connected with the birth and childhood of Germany's 23rd Chancellor, Adolf Hitler. A perfect handbook for a self-guided tour of the area!
Ich Kämpfe - I Fight
Ich Kämpfe (I Fight)
A perfect reproduction of the actual handbook distributed by the Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiter Partei (NSDAP or National Socialist German Worker Party) to each new enrollee in the Nazi Party during the early 1940s. This 144 page book contains an English translation.
Katyn Massacre Katyn - a Documentary Account of the Evidence
A 1943 examination of the evidence of the Katyn Massacre, the summary execution of 12,000 Polish officers that the Soviet Union successfully blamed on the German Armed Forces.
Großdeutschland Großdeutschland (Greater Germany)
A 1942 directory of actual street addresses and phone numbers of German government and paramilitary organization offices in Großdeutschland and occupied European countries. Over 800 entries from Gauleiters to Ministers, including the Reichsführer of the SS.
Nazi Militaria - Fake or Real? Nazi Militaria - Fake or Real?
An important 64 page exposé of the post-war manufacture and worldwide trade in fake “Nazi Relics” of World War II. The field includes fake daggers, swords, medals, uniforms, etc. Contains more than 30 photos and illustrations, most done especially for this book.
Nazi Paramilitary Organizations & Their Badges
A comprehensive and heavily illustrated, 142 page examination and study of the vast array of paramilitary organizations of the Nazi Party such as the SA, SS, DAF, NSFK, Hitler Youth, RAD, NSKK, NS-Frauenschaft, RLB, etc.
Ortsgruppe Brooklyn Yearbook Ortsgruppe Brooklyn Yearbook - Freunde des Neuen Deutschland
A letter-perfect facsimile reprint of the very rare 32-page booklet produced by the Nazi Party’s Ortsgruppe (regional organization) in Brooklyn, New York, USA, to commemmorate its first year as a sanctioned Ortsgruppe of the NSDAP.
Wenn die Soldaten durch die Stadt marschieren When The Soldiers March Through Town....
This 1942 children's classic of Hermann Siegmann poems combined with exceptional colored drawings by noted illustrator Herbert Rothgängel, was an instant hit among German boys and girls!
World War II Envelope Art of Cécile Cowdery
World War II Envelope Art of Cécile Cowdery
The heart-warming, illustrated, true love story of the exceptionally talented wife of an American GI who sent her husband a letter in a beautifully illustrated envelope every day while he was in military training with the 4th Armored Division and the 77th Infantry Division.
Lindbergh - His Story in Pictures
Lindbergh - His Story in Pictures
The story of the life of Charles A. Lindberg, perhaps the most heroic American figure of the 20th century. Over 360 photos in 320 pages: Lindy as a child, with dignitaries, his aircraft, his famous trip to Paris, subsequent but little-known visits to Belgium, England, and Latin America.
Capone's Chicago
Capone's Chicago
A letter perfect reprint of the very rare 1931 edition of Enright’s “Al Capone - On The Spot” containing about 115 period photos and three maps. The story of America's most violent era and the violent people who were key players in it.