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Amtliches Material zum Massenmord von KATYN im Auftrage des Auswärtigen Amtes aufgrund urkundlichen Beweismaterials zusammengestellt, 1943

WARNING: NOT FOR THE FAINT OF HEART.  Do not buy this book and go no further on this web page if you have a hard time looking at pictures of dead bodies.

Nazi forensic research Katyn 1943
Mass murder evidence KATYN
das Wald von Katyn, Polen
Massenmord von Katyn
WW2 forensic experts
WW 2 dogtags found in mass garves at Katyn
Polish Army Officer shot at Katyn
Amtliches Material zum Massenmord von Katyn reports the unanimous findings of the international forensic commission to the German people - the Russians were responsible! Interestingly, few Allied countries believed the evidence the Nazis presented. In the 7 February 1944 issue of the American magazine TIME, there is a long multi-page article explaining how the Germans had used every sort of subterfuge to attempt to lay the blame for the Katyn Massacre on the Soviets! It took another 50 years before Soviet officials finally admitted responsibility for the massacre and the world knew the truth.
Polish Red Cross
In a forest called Katyn (pronounced Kah-teen) 20 kilometers west of the Soviet city of Smolensk, the government of the Soviet Union ordered the summary execution of over 12,000 Polish Army officers in March and April of 1940. Unable to hide the fact and unwilling to accept responsibility for one of the largest and most brutal executions in history, the Soviets successfully shifted the blame for the massacre to the German Wehrmacht.
The German Government responded by convening a blue-ribbon international forensic commission to study the site and the exhumed bodies, and determine the truth. This is the big rare rare 8 x 9-¾ inch, 332-page softcover Nazi book Amtliches Material zum Massenmord von Katyn (Official Evidentiary Results on the Mass Murder at Katyn) and it contains the outcome of this in-depth research as supplied by the the Nazi Foreign Office and published by the Deutsche Informationsstelle and printed by Deutschen Verlag in Berlin in 1943.
WW2 mass graves Katyn
Extremely detailed chapters deal with the background history of the massacre, Soviet-Polish relations at the time, the position of England and the USA vis-a-vis the Soviet-Polish conflict, Nazi police reports, translations of interviews with Polish eye witnesses to the massacre, digging up the bodies of the murdered Polish Army Officers from seven mass graves, identifying the remains, the involvement of the International Red Cross, the names of those on the international panel of doctors and forensic specialists who examined the bodies and evidence found in graves, text of official reports, witness statements, declarations by General Sikorski, Molotov, British Foreign Minister Eden, even a letter Josef Stalin wrote to the New York Times in May 1943!
Katyn mass murder victim
There is also a comprehensive list of the 4143 identified victims dated 7 June 1943. This index includes the name and army rank of the victims, as well as other material found with their body such as IDs, dog tags, letters, notebooks and photos.
Soviet mass murder at Katyb
The last 58 pages of this rare book are printed on high-quality white paper and have a great many pictures of the murder site in the forest of Katyn, crews exhuming bodies, dead bodies, Red Cross people examining a victim with a shot in the neck, foreign forensic specialists at the murder site (the photo directly below shows a Swiss forensic doctor smoking a cigarette while inspecting a body!), religious services at the site of the mass graves, dead bodies with tied hands, military clothing which clearly show bayonet holes, evidence found in the mass graves such as money, newspapers, cigarette cases, bullets, uniform insignia, collar tabs and buttons, religious amulets, vaccination cards, there is even a photo of the body of Polish General Bogaterewicz.
Massenmord von Katyn
The photographic content of this large book is unique - no other publication in any language covers the subject nearly as well. This rare Third Reich book is in nice used condition.  Nothing has been torn out, no notes, only the name of the original owner on the front fly leaf above the date 1943. The card stock cover and interior pages have darkened somewhat with age, no odor. Rare!
This 1943 Nazi book on the Soviet Mass Murder at Katyn is **SOLD**
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