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Olympia - Leni Riefenstahl


Nazi nude
These are very rare 65+ year old 6 x 9 inch, 8-page heavily illustrated promotional brochures for part one of the TOBIS Olympic movie, Olympia - Fest der Völker (The Olympics - Festival of Nations) and part two, Olympia - Fest der Schönheit (The Olympics - Festival of Beauty), produced by internationally acclaimed film genius Leni Riefenstahl during the 1936 Summer Olympics in Berlin and elsewhere in northern Germany.
Hitler and Riefenstahl
Often blasted by hate groups and the uninformed as a “Nazi propaganda film”, any knowledgeable film historian would likely list Olympia as one of the ten most important and influential movies of all time. Riefenstahl and her staff invented many cinematic, sound and camera techniques specifically for this movie. It bore no relationship to anything that had come before it and set a new standard by which all sport documentaries and general documentaries are still judged today.

The film brochures offered here are Illustrierter Film Kurier (Illustrated Movie Messenger) number 1984 and 1992 published by Filmpropaganda GmbH in Wien (Vienna), probably in 1938 or 1939, to promote the movie. In addition to “stills” from the movie these brochures also includes the credits for Olympia- Fest der Völker and Olympia- Fest der Schönheit.

Both are in very good used condition.
1936 Olympische Spielen
These two original Third Reich OLYMPIA movie programs are offered
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