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anti-Jewish movie
Two different examples of heavily illustrated Third Reich movie brochures
for the extremely anti-Jewish 1940 Terra box office hit Jud Süß.
OKH film Sieg im Westen
A heavily illustrated, oversized 48 page book "Victory in the West", a souvenir of the 1940 OKH film Sieg im Westen, purchased by a movie goer in the Third Reich.
HJ movie poster
A 100% original Hitler Youth film poster for the 1940 propaganda film
Der Marsch zum Führer (The March to the Leader).
Nazi movie programs
A large selection of original Nazi era movie brochures for UFA, Tobis, Arya and
Germania films such as Feldzug in Polen, SA Mann Brandt, Feuertaufe, Junge Adler,
Sechs Tage Heimaturlaub, Das Wunschkonzert,
and even the highest
grossing Third Reich movie Die Grosse Liebe starring Zarah Leander.
Mein Kampf film
German language film brochures for postwar movies about WW2 and the Third Reich.  
Includes Mein Kampf, the Desert Fox, a Golden Globe winning film and
the 1950 come-back film for Nazi movie star
Zarah Leander.
A superb selection of genuine Third Reich posters:
Gaufilmstelle der NSDAP movie posters, HJ, WHW, etc.
movie stills Ohm Krueger
Original Third Reich movie stills with censor stamps - Ohm Krüger.
Nazi license plate
Genuine NSDAP Reichsleitung Public Welfare filmstrip about
Accident Prevention, still in its rare original Third Reich NSV canister.
The heavily illustrated movie brochure for the controversial
German film Lebensborn, about a BdM girl and a SS Doctor  + DVD.
Lida Baarova
Including Goebbels' mistress Lida Baarova, Leni Riefenstahl, Zarah Leander,
Shirley Temple, Cary Grant, Marlene Dietrich, Clark Gable, etc.