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Jagd- und Kinderzahnschmuck
Don’t worry, this is not from a concentration camp, it is from the catalog of a German jewelry manufacturer. This is Tafel 60 or page 60 in full-color from the jewelry catalog of an unknown German manufacturer, and it contains examples of splendid, unusual work.

Many people are perfectly familiar with other examples of Jagd or hunt jewelry (the German word for jewelry is Schmuck) produced in Germany over the last couple of centuries in celebration of the victory of the hunter over wild animals. Very few know of similar jewelry produced from the teeth of little children!

Both the illustrations on, and the printing of this marvelous, frame-able, 9 x 12-1/4 inch catalog sheet are spectacular. It looks as if one could pick up a piece of jewelry right off the paper! Most of the items shown combine yellow and green gold with the teeth of elk, stag or boar. But number 6007, 6009, 6012 and 6019 are made with the teeth of children.
Please don’t write to us about “how awful” this is. The stuff was not produced at a concentration camp like Auschwitz or Dachau. It was made by an ordinary civilian German jewelry firm in an effort to create meaningful keepsakes of memorable children and game. Very good condition.
This Nazi era jewelry catalog sheet is **SOLD**.
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