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1939 Kienzle catalog Kienzle clocks
Kienzle advertising
There is not the slightest doubt that Kienzle AG of Schwenningen, Germany was the preeminent manufacturer of time pieces, from watches to clocks of all kinds, to cockpit chronographs, in Germany during the Third Reich of Adolf Hitler.
Kienzle advertising mobile

Many of the clocks they made in the 1930s and the first half od the 1940s are still keeping perfect time today.

Virtually anyone interested in the subjects of the Third Reich or World War II in Germany is aware of the Kienzle clock works.

Kienzle was a heavy advertiser in Nazi publications such as Die Wehrmacht, Der Adler, etc. Already in the mid 1930s Kienzle used a converted semi truck and 5th wheel trailer (shown left and above) to crisscross Germany promoting their products.

Kienzle Fahrzeuguhren
It is rare indeed when one encounters a complete example of the most desirable illustrated catalog of any major company’s wares. Even more so when the catalog is in fine condition and contains its original separately bound price list. This is just such an example.
Nazi era Kienzle catalog April 1939 Kienzle catalog
1939 Kienzle catalog & pricelist
This big 8-1/4 x 11-5/8 inch, 224 page, very, very heavily illustrated full-color soft cover April 1939 catalog pictures not only hundreds of desk, wall and floor clocks, but also travel alarm clocks, pocket watches, automobile clocks, aircraft clocks and timers in ten different categories. In a pocket in the back of the book there is a letter from the company, a 20-page price list and two indexes to the part numbers of the various products illustrated in the catalog. One is the standard part number list and the second is a clarification of the latest part numbering system.
Of special interest to anyone concerned with this field of manufacturing are the pictures showing how the clocks are made and pictures of clockwork mechanisms.

At the beginning of the book there are big clear pictures of the interior and exterior of Kienzle’s state-of-the-art semitrailer traveling showroom, the Kienzle Werbewagen.

This 75+ year old Kienzle catalog and price list are in very good condition.

This rare April 1939 German KIENZLE catalog and price list is offered for
sale for $165.00 delivered to any address in the United States of America.
We are happy to ship abroad at additional cost. Please inquire.
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