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This huge heavily illustrated 1942 Nazi aviation technical handbook
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Heinkel He111 bomber
Deutscher Flugzeugbau Handbuch der Luftfahrttechnik
Luftwaffe airplane weapons
Mauser Flugzeug-Bordwaffen
Nazi airplane parts and accessoroes
Nazi airplane engine testing
Junkers Ju87 Stuka
Mercedes-Benz Flugmotoren
Nazi cluster bombs
Jacobs-Schweyer Flugzeugbau
BMW airplane engines
Nazi airplanes
Nazi pilot flight training
Luftwaffe Messerschmitt warplanes
Fw189 enemy observation
Fw200 Condor
Nazi lifevests
Nazi airplane accessories
This is the huge 1942 Second Expanded and Improved Edition of the technical handbook for parts and assemblies used in the construction of aircraft of German manufacturers. Deutscher Flugzeugbau Handbuch der Luftfahrttechnik was produced as a reference for manufacturers by Naturkunde und Technik Verlag Fritz Knapp of Frankfurt am Main. It is a masterpiece of information about the aircraft made in Nazi Germany at the time from the Fieseler Storch to the very latest He111 to the Transoceanic Do26 flying boat, as well as the components and assemblies used to produce such aircraft from motors to optical instruments.
About 100 pages of the 500 page, 9 x 12 inch book consist of large ads from companies like Heinkel, Auer, Focke-Wulf, I. G. Farbenindustrie, Mercedes-Benz Flugmotoren, Krupp, Steyr, BMW, Blohm&Voss, Zeiss Ikon, Messerschmitt, Autoflug, Argus, Askania, Dornier, Bücker, Gothaer, Plexiglass, Siebel, FAMO, Hanomag, Rheinmetall-Borsig, Klemm, Bosch, Jacobs-Schweyer, Stamm, etc.
There are many cut-away views of various aircraft from the Bestmann to the Stuka and the Ju88. There are line-drawing cut-away views of aviation motors of all sorts, aircraft suspension components, aircraft electronics, aircraft pneumatics, aircraft hydraulics, parachutes and harnesses, oxygen systems and life vests, aircraft instruments like pitot-static tubes and compasses and their gauges, hand-held navigation instruments, weather measuring and recording equipment, carburetors and fuel injection parts, spark plugs, fuel system parts, cooling equipment, propellors, raw materials, test equipment, cameras and photo viewing equipment, ground station equipment, firefighting equipment, aircraft arms from machine guns and cannons to sights, turrets, canopies, heavy bombs, fuses, bomb racks and magazines, automatic bomb releases, bomb sights and cluster bombs, towed targets, bomb carpets, and practice aids for aerial gunners.
In almost all categories there are many selections or sub-categories and very good descriptions in addition to excellent line drawings. We know of no other book that covers the subject as well as this one does, and this one is far more comprehensive than the earlier First Edition. You will find a great many obscure parts and assemblies in this book that aren't to be found elsewhere.
Deutscher Flugzeugbau Handbuch der Luftfahrttechnik by Dipl.-Ing. O. Hollbach has chapter captions and category captions in German, English, French, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese while the basic language of the text is German. The cover clearly shows that the book was used, but the contents is complete and very clean.




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