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This wonderful Nazi photo book about the Stuka is offered for sale
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Ju87 Sturzkampfflugzeug
Sturzkampfflugzeuge (Dive Bomber Aircraft)
Stuka photo book
Junkers aircraft factory
Luftwaffe pilots
This is a good original example of the 8 x 10 inch, 128 page very heavily illustrated softcover book Sturzkampfflugzeuge (Dive Bomber Aircraft) by H. Brausewaldt as published by Verlag Hermann Hillger in Berlin, Germany in 1941. The superbly illustrated sepia-tone book shows Stukas like the early Junkers K47, the Henschel Hs123 and the Junkers Ju88, but 90% of the focus is on the Junkers Ju87 dive bomber that was the work horse of the German Luftwaffe.
Nazi aircraft factory
The Ju87 Sturzkampfflugzeug or Stuka is shown in the field and in the air battling from Spain to Russia and from Africa and the Mediterranean to England, sinking ships, knocking out tanks and trains, and in general establishing a new aspect in aerial warfare.
Nazi luftwaffe pilot
Nazi eagle and swastika
Hitler Youth boys
Like no other book Sturzkampfflugzeuge shows the airframe and the engine of the Ju87 being built, and the finished product dishing out and taking enormous punishment. A particularly interesting section consists of comments from enemy troops who were subjected to Stuka bombing.
One page of the book has the words to the Stukalied (Dive Bomber Song), and there is a section on Hitler Youth boys learning all about flying, airplanes, bombing, etc. There is a full-color phantom view of a Ju87 on the back cover. A previous owner tore off the upper right corner of the title page where there must have been another owner's name at one time.

A highly desirable book in nice overall used condition.



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