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September 1937 Staatstreffen Mussolini-Hitler
Mussolini in Deutschland, Dr. Fred C. Willis
Hitler Youth, Italian Fascist Youth Balilla
Mussolini, Hermann + Emmy Goering
Nazi dignitaries
Nazi Ehrentempel
Mussolini visits Hitler, September 1937
Mussolini, Count Ciano, Hitler
Mussolini in Berlin, September 1937
3. Reich Festschmuck
Nazi Standards
Il Duce, Der Fuehrer
The subtitle of Mussolini in Deutschland translates as "National Demonstration of Peace during the Days of 25 - 29 September 1937".

The author of this rare book, Dr. Fred C. Willis, was Ministerialreferent, a very high-ranking employee at Dr. Joseph Goebbels' Reichsministerium für Volksaufklärung und Propaganda (State Ministry for National Community Clarification and Publicity) in Berlin.
Nazi Honor Temples Munich
Published by Freiheitsverlag in 1937 this book covers the Staatstreffen Mussolini-Hitler, the official state visit of Il Duce to Nazi Germany, accompanied by Foreign Minister Count Galeazzo Ciano, Minister Achille Starace, Minister Dino Alfieri and Marschall Badaglio.
The book starts with a foreword about the two statesmen by Dr. Goebbels which is followed by a short text about Benito Mussolini's visit to Germany, excerpts from speeches, the text of an award which made Hitler an honorary Corporal of the Italian Militia, even the special Deutsche Reichspost cancelation stamp designed for the Staatstreffen Mussolini-Hitler.
There are photos of the Führer and Il Duce in Munich and Berlin, during official ceremonies and speeches, military reviews and meetings with German children, veterans and Nazi dignitaries, and at Hermann Göring's lavish estate - Carinhall - north of Berlin.
There are also a photos of Hitler and Mussolini in Essen where they visited the German industrial and weapons giant Krupp AG. Other dignitaries shown in photos are Hermann Göring and his wife Emmy, Dr. Joseph Goebbels, Count Ciano, Admiral Raeder, Field Marshal von Blomberg and von Fritsch, Marshal Pietro Badoglio, German Foreign Minister Freiherr von Neurath, Dr. Robert Ley, Rudolf Hess, Dr. Krupp von Bohlen and others.
Dr. Joseph Goebbels
Mussolini in Deutschland is a very rare 7 x 9-¾ inch, softcover book with 64 pages that contain photos by Atlantic Photo, Heinrich Hoffmann, Scherl-Bilderdienst, Friedrich Krupp AG, and pictures by photographers from the Italian magazine Illuztrazione Italiana of Milan.

This example, unlike most surviving examples, is in very good, little-used condition and comes with its original hard-to-find dust jacket.
Benito Mussolini

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1943 Hoffmann style photo book about Mussolini's Rome.

This rare 1937 example of Mussolini in Deutschland is
USM book #814
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