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Mussolini's Rome
Das Rom Mussolinis
Roma Mussoliniana
Italian fascist symbols
Foro Mussolini sport complex
The original Italian version of this book, Roma Mussoliniana, was written by Luigi Cognasso but the hard cover book we offer here is the German version called Das Rom Mussolinis - Rom als moderne Hauptstadt (Mussolini’s Rome - Rome as a Modern Capital). It has photos and text by Sepp Schüller and an introduction by Fascist politician and journalist Alessandro Pavolini. It was printed by Mosella-Verlag of Düsseldorf in 1943 and measures 7-3/8 x 10-1/4 inches and has 112 photo filled pages.
This rare Nazi photo book contains photographs of the Forum, Piazza Venezia where Il Duce had his office in the Sala del Mappamondo in the Palazzo Venezia, the Victor Emmanuel II monument completed in 1932, Castel Sant’Angelo, Vatican City, ancient Roman sights like the Imperial Road, the Colosseum, as well as the Italian Culture Palace, the Lido di Roma, the Cinecittà movie studio, the Monolito Mussolini, and the Foro Mussolini sport complex (completed in 1937, now called the Foro Italiano).
Italian fascist parade
Italian fascist architecture
Mussolini architecture
Nazi Kriegsmarine
Foro Mussolini
Fascist Rome
This contents of this book is in very good condition. The spine shows some wear and the original owner, a lady called Gerda Krause, wrote her name on the fly leaf.
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