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WW2 German cavalry stirrup
A 1940 dated Nazi Reichsheer stirrup from a German cavalry saddle 
with eagle and swastika Waffenamt stamp and maker’s mark.
3. Reich Wehrmacht Besteck


Original Third Reich Wehrmacht eating utensils - a 4-piece set from 1943
and a combination folding spoon / fork.
WW2 sunglasses
Genuine New-Old-Stock WW2 eye glass frames used by all branches of the
Wehrmacht during the Third Reich, and a metal case for a pair of Masken-Brille.
Nazi bayonet
A very nice original 1940 dated Nazi bayonet for a k98 rifle manufactured
by Mundlos of Magdeburg - with scabbard and frog.
Nazi whistles
Four original Nazi era animal horn and bakelite whistles used by the Wehrmacht, HJ, dog trainers, hunters and game wardens. One has a braided lanyard of silver metallic thread.
Philips knijpkat
An original Third Reich metal dynamo type Taschenlampe  or pocket flashlight
with its original lens produced by Philips in Holland during World War II.
Nazi era razor blades manufactured by SMF of Solingen still
in original Third Reich packages of ten.
Wehrmacht Sprachfuehrer
The Wehrmacht-Sprachführer, practical pocket-size
German-Russian dictionaries for Nazi soldiers.
NSDAP, Luftwaffe, Kriegsmarine soldier songbooks including the 1939 "Catholic Field Prayer  and Song Book" published with permission of the Catholic Field Bishop of the Wehrmacht.
Original Feldpost Päckchen or Feldpost boxes to send small care packages
to Wehrmacht soldiers at the front during World War II.
3. Reich Taschenlampe
An original Third Reich bakelite, dynamo type Taschenlampe
or pocket flashlight with its original lens.
march compass
Nazi Wehrmacht tools used in Norway during WW2 by a Pionier or engineer.
Original Third Reich bakelite with leather ear phones
as used by member sof the Wehrmacht.
Wehrmacht Lederfett
Two original cans of Lederfett from 1940 and 1942 - full!
Nazi shoe polish
Three different cans of original Nazi shoe polish.
Nazi paratrooper gravity knife Weyersberg