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Adolf Hitlers Programm
Adolf Hitler’s political platform
Hitlerbewegung, the Hitler Movement
Mein Kampf, Adolf Hitler
Adolf Hitlers Programm has chapters explaining the goals of the Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei and their plans for the German Nation. It is exaplained that the Hitler Movement was working for a country where all citizens had equal rights, pay and possibilities, where everybody was working for a common public interest, not their own self-interest.

The back cover has advertising for Adolf Hitler's book Mein Kampf which is called the "Fundamental Work on National Socialism" in which Hitler explains the future of Germany and his own development as a politician.

Printed by the NSP-Verlag in Linz, a publishing house run by Alfred Proksch, a politician and loyal follower of Hitler in Upper-Austria. The publication is undated and in very good condition. No offensive odor.

This is a rare, very early Nazi publication called Adolf Hitlers Programm (Adolf Hitler's Manifesto or Platform) subtitled "What do the National Socialists Want?". This 4-½ x 6 inch, 16-page booklet was published to familiarize Austrians with the Nazi Party and Adolf Hitler when the NSDAP was still an illegal political party in that country.

Have a look at "Dates and History of the Nazi Party" and rare 1942
NSDAP Announcement of Regulations
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