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Basic Concepts, Ground Rules and Goals of the NSDAP.

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NSDAP Schulungsverordnungsblatt Ausgabe Elsaß
Fallen for Führer und Vaterland
Die Rassenpolitische Parole
Some of the most elusive material regarding life, laws and circumstances at the local level in Third Reich Germany is not to be found in major publications like the Organisationsbuch der NSDAP or even in the daily papers, but rather it is often found in the obscure literature of Gau level paramilitary organizations. That is precisely the case with the publications offered for sale on this USMBOOKS web page. The lot consists of four issues of the very rare NSDAP Schulungsverordnungsblatt or Nazi Party Announcement of Regulations and Changes in Regulations published by the Leadership of Reichsgau Baden for distribution to the SA Leadership in the province of Elsaß (Alsace).
OKW instructions regarding Mischling 2nd Degree Jews working in the Armament Industry
WHW charity collection
Elsaß or Alsace was territory the Germans gave up at the end of World War I and took back from France in the mid 1930s. That area was assigned as part of Gau Baden, under the leadership of Gauleiter Robert Wagner, in Karlsruhe. The German population of that area was extremely happy when the Nazis came to power and control was returned to Germany. It is now again part of France, but even after 70 years, many local papers are still printed in German as well as French. They probably always will be.
appropriate German given names for Aryan children
Rassenpolitsches Amt der NSDAP
In addition to the four 1942 Schulungsverordnungsblätter this lot includes two separate issues of the Mitteilungsblatt des Personalhauptamtes der Obersten SA-Führung in Gau Baden and two information bulletins regarding equipment for shooting practice, one from an Oberscharführer, the Treasurer of SA-Standarte 171, and the other from the Standartenführer of SA-Standarte 171 in Kolmar (now Colmar).
The booklets are of extreme interest to anyone with a fascination for the minutia and tiny details attended to by the burocracy of the Nazi Party in Germany. They contain a world of information that would be very difficult to find elsewhere. There is for example, a complete list of all the schools available to the children of fallen SA men from Volksschule and Gymnasium to the Adolf-Hitler-Schulen, the Nationalpolitischen Erziehungsanstalten, to the Great Military Orphan House in Potsdam.

In the issue for 1 June 1942 there is a 6-page list of appropriate German given names for Aryan children as specified by the Reichs Leadership of the Rassenpolitsches Amt der NSDAP dated 10 June 1939. If you have ever wondered about the approved names for boys and girls in Third Reich Germany, this list will provide the answer.
There are also lists showing the distribution of the Schulungsverordnungsblatt, prohibited establishments in Gau Baden for uniformed members of the NSDAP Leadership, an extremely interesting explanation of the workings/proceeds of the 6th Nazi Street Welfare Charity Collection of the WHW and the WHW porcelain Abzeichen or bird mementoes given in exchange for contributions, OKW instructions regarding Mischling 2nd Degree Jews working in the Armament Industry, as well as new / additional rules and regulations regarding obligatory labor service, innoculations for babies, aryan proof for citizens of Alsace, divorce for Party members, volunteer labor in the occupied East, Jewish families no longer permitted in the phone book, reimbursement to property owners for airraid shelters under private property, how to get help if you encounter enemy parachutists, DIN paper sizes, etc., etc. In three of the four issues are lists of Opferring members from Alsace who were killed in service recently, many of them members of the Waffen-SS.

1942 Nazi Schulungsverordnungsblatt
Both issues of the Mitteilungsblatt deal in large part with matters connected to the benefits owed to the survivors of SA men killed in the military in the line of duty.

Very rare material from part of Germany that is now a very major part of France. Good used condition.



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