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The case could be made that among the leaders of the Nazi Party in Germany during the Third Reich of Adolf Hitler, some were in over their head - simply not up to fulfilling the responsibilities they were given. That was certainly not the case with Heinrich Himmler. The same people that will attempt to convince you that Hitler’s artistic ability was limited to “house painting” or “wall papering” (including the folks at the BBC - the British Broadcasting Company - and the History Channel) almost always refer to Heinrich Himmler as a “chicken farmer”. When they do, you can be assured you are being lied to.

Himmler was a superb German administrator who went quietly about his business; little noticed but always at the very epicenter of every political and police matter in Germany and Europe for most of two decades of the first half of the 20th century.

Born in München (Munich) in 1900, Himmler was well-educated in a family of educators (his father was a tutor to children of the Bavarian Royal Family). He trained as an army officer and by age 20 he was a Nazi. He was in the front line during the “Putsch” three years later and by age 29 he was responsible for Hitler’s personal security. He was elected (not appointed) a member of the German Reichstag (the parliament) by age 30. At 34 he purged the SA of everyone who could not or would not prove their absolute loyalty to Hitler and the Nazi Party, and by age 36 he was in charge of the entire police force of the largest nation in Europe - Germany.

Reichsführer-SS Heinrich Himmler
Reichsführer-SS Heinrich Himmler
As good as he was at organization, Himmler was even better at something that every MBA candidate has to master today - being able to attract the most capable and competent people to fill the most important positions of responsibility in the organizations. As Interior Minister, Head of the Gestapo, the Secret Service, Allgemeine SS, Waffen-SS, etc., etc. Himmler was able to recruit super-administrators like Reinhard Heydrich and his brother, Kaltenbrunner, Best, Schellenberg, Müller, Nebe, Daluege, etc., by the hundreds.

Taking a page from the history of the British Army in South Africa, Himmler developed the first elements of the concentration camp system in Germany with the camp at Dachau in 1933. That concept and his attitude toward the criminal nature of certain elements of the general population led to the further development of seemingly unrelated interests like the Lebensborn Society and concentration camp industries in competition with private enterprise and made Himmler indispensable to Hitler and his Greater German Reich.

Prior to WW2, the concentration camp system in Germany was regarded as a model prison system by professional police organizations from around the world.

In the end Himmler even arranged his own death. While accidentally detained weeks after the war ended by British guards who had no idea who he was, he confessed his identity to English medical staff and quietly killed himself with a cyanide capsule. History will always remember the Reichsführer-SS Heinrich Himmler for the horrors associated with the tragic living conditions and uncountable deaths in his concentration camps during World War II, and for the terror that people were subjected to by members of his SS and police.
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