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Fritz Waechtler with Nazi swastika armband
Bayerische Ostmark - Vier Jahre nationalsozialistische Ausbauarbeit in einem deutschen Grenzgau
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Nazi model  Adolf Hitler, Gauleiter Fritz Waechtler
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This is a rare 8 x 8-3/4 inch very heavily illustrated 160 page soft cover book called Bayerische Ostmark - Vier Jahre nationalsozialistische Aufbauarbeit in einem deutschen Grenzgau (the East Bavarian Gau - Four Years of Nazi Progress in a German Border Land) published by Gauleiter Fritz Wächtler.
Opening with a photo of Gauleiter Wächtler and Adolf Hitler examining a model for a Nazi building, this very rare book shows in hundreds of photos the progress made in a very rural and heavily forested border region of Germany in the first four years of Nazi rule. Although the Gau was originally in central Germany and included the cities of Hof, Bayreuth, Regensburg and Passau, by the time the Nazis came to power the new country of Czechoslovakia had put the Bayerische Ostmark on Germany’s eastern frontier.
At the time the Nazis came to power, the infrastructure in the Bayerische Ostmark was in shambles and the job of turning it around was given to the first Gauleiter Hans Schemm. The Gau became famous not only for the Richard Wagner Festival in Bayreuth, but with the coming of the Reichsautobahn for many commercial products as well.
The Nazis exploited the long depressed porcelain and glass industries in the region (firms like Rosenthal and Bauscher in the towns of Selb and Weiden) and the hand woven linen industries of firms like Wegschneider in the Frankenwald who provided the Hitler linens for the Berghof and Reichschancellery in Berlin. There is a photo of a young Frankenwald Mädchen putting the final touches on Hitler’s personal linens.
The area was famous for its granite and the square stones for the on and off ramps of virtually every Reichsautobahn interchange came from the Bayerische Ostmark.

Lots of little known data about one of Germany’s most obscure Gaue. Very good condition.

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held in Karlsruhe September 1933.

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