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Nazi swastika flag

Adolf Hitler
1933 NSDAP Rally
This is a very rare book in excellent condition. It is the 5-3/4 x 8-3/4 inch, 96 page Führer or heavily illustrated guidebook for the Nationalsozialistische Grenzland-Kundgebung (Nazi Borderland Rally) held in Karlsruhe, Germany from 9 to 27 September 1933.
This was the first very large Nazi Party rally to be held in the state of Baden along the French border after the Nazis came to power in 1933, and even today the badge or tinnie for the event is instantly recognizable.
NSDAP manifestation program
Since Baden was the border of Third Reich Germany with the hated French to the west, this enormous rally was conceived to show the new face of Germany and that the days of French occupation of German territory were nearly over.
NS Flug Tag
The German Revolution of 1933 is explained and the deaths of murdered Nazi martyrs are remembered in this book. There is a two-page map of the city of Karlsruhe and tips on seeing the city from Adolf Hitler Platz to the harbor on the Rhein river.
Nazi map of Karlsruhe
Pages 28 to 40 contain the program for the rally. The NSKK paraded, balloons and passenger pigeons were released and Gauleiter Robert Wagner spoke. A professor explained the history of the swastika with a slide show, the Hitler Youth and BdM marched and bands played.

Dr. Robert Ley spoke on the 16th and Walther Darré spoke on the 23rd, and the SS Mounted Standarte Baden rode through city streets.
NSDAP members
At the end of many other events there was a mass assembly of the old guard of the NSDAP and a march-by of SS and SA formations.

Perhaps as interesting as the early Nazi program are the forty or so pages of advertising in the back of this book. Any company wishing to show itself in sympathy with the Nazi cause placed a display ad. Ads include those for fire trucks, bells, beer, stoves, clothing, sewing machines, restaurants, insurance companies, SS and SA uniform makers, soap, cars, furniture, posters, luggage, toys, hotels, National Socialist Flying Day, motors, Rhine cruises, boots, air guns, pretzels, and even a brand of cigarettes that were individually packaged!

An amazing historical document with a superb Rinne graphic on the front cover and a Mercedes-Benz ad on the back cover. Very good condition.
This rare 1933 Nazi Party rally program offered for sale
for $285.00 delivered to any address in the USA.

Also for sale on, a rare photo book of
Nazi progress in Grenzgau Bayerische Ostmark.
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