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This authentic Prussian Model 1905 private purchase, C.E. Juncker
Jäger zu Pferde
lobster-tail helmet is **SOLD**.
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Prussian mounted rifleman lobster-tail helmet
C.E. Juncker Berlin
spiked German helmet
brass eagle helmet plate
Carl Erich Juncker Jäger zu Pferde lobster-tail helmet
WWI Prussian helmet
Jäger zu Pferde lobster-tail helmet liner
This is a beautiful, virtually complete example of the Prussian Model 1905 private purchase, C.E. Juncker Jäger zu Pferde lobster-tail helmet for soldier number 565 of the 8th Regiment. The blued or blackened steel helmet with brass and gilt brass trim is a size 56 and was manufactured in Berlin in 1914.

Many collectors translate the German title Jäger zu Pferde as Mounted Dispatch Riders, but we feel Mounted Rifleman is more accurate. The firm of C.E. Juncker was established in 1851 in Berlin and is still regarded as THE premier German manufacturer of military effects and medals by many knowledgeable experts and historians.
The helmet is complete with all its parts with the exception of the the cord that adjusts the leather liner inside the top - it is missing. All the nuts and washers are original to this helmet as are the two leather tabs that hold the eagle in place on the front of the helmet. The brass eagle helmet plate still retains a high percentage of its original gilding. It was never polished like the remainder of the brass trim.

Under the brass eagle helmet plate the number 87 is stamped into the front of the helmet. Under the left rosette, the number 56 is stamped into the side of the helmet. The name C.E. JUNCKER and the date 1914 is stamped inside the top of the helmet under the spike.

The two-part brass scale-like chin strap is still lined and padded with its original leather and the long leather portion for buckling the chin strap when it is lowered, is complete and folded back under the right side. The buckle that normally mates with the long leather chin strap is missing from the otherwise complete leather on the left hand side.
The leather inside the helmet is 100% original, quite supple and in nice used condition for its age. The helmet has none of the dents, dings, worn finish or corrosion one would expect in a 97 year old German military helmet. It is still in very nice overall condition.

The reason that this helmet is in such fine and complete condition is interesting all by itself. The helmet was advertised as a "German helmet" in a small town Pennsylvania newspaper many decades ago. A 12 year old boy convinced his parents to take him to the address in the advertisement and he bought the helmet and a bayonet right off the garage wall of the man who brought them home after World War I.

This superb Prussian helmet has never been owned by a militaria dealer and has never been to a MAX Show or any other militaria show, and thus it has never been messed with. We recently bought it from the man who bought it many decades ago as a 12 year old boy.

If you have a place in your collection or your museum for a fine example of a Carl Erich Juncker Jäger zu Pferde lobster-tail helmet, you will find it difficult to come up with a better one.

C.E. Juncker Berlin World War I helmet


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