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WW2 Kriegsmarine Flakartillerie lot
Von der Nordsee zum Atlantik (From the Nortsea to the Atlantic Ocean)
Over the years we have occasionally encountered some of the pieces that make up this Kriegsmarine Flakartillerie folio separately at very high prices, but never complete as issued. The lot consists of an art folio complete with its 12 beautiful color prints dated July 1941, a hard cover book dated July 1942, and a roster of the men of Flakartillerie Batterie 3, complete with their names, ranks and home addresses!
Wacht am Ozean (Ocean Watch)
Nazi swastika flag
Kriegsabzeichen fuer die Marine-Artillerie
The 9 x 11-3/4 inch art folio is called Von der Nordsee zum Atlantik (From the Northsea to the Atlantic Ocean). It is complete with its 12 illustratons by Willy Hanke (approved by the OKW on 2 September 1941) and was printed by H.M. Hauschild in Bremen. It was presented at Christmas 1941. The 8-page insert in the folio was especially produced as a 1941 War Christmas commemorative for "all the soldiers of the 3rd Battery in memory of the serious hours on the Atlantic Coast". It contains a history of unit operations from 1940 through 1941 as well as a complete name, rank and home address list of the officers and men of the unit!
Kriegsmarine Officer
Flakartillerie watercolor
Nazi flak
RAF bombers
wreckage of a Wellington bomber
The 8-1/2 x 10 inch, 88-page hard cover book that is the third part of this lot is called Wacht am Ozean (Ocean Watch) and was published by the Wehrbetreuungstelle of a "motorized Navy flakartillery unit". It has photos and color illustrations of action by the men of the first motorized Navy flak unit under the command of Korvettenkapitän Grotewahl and Korvettenkapitän Pfülf between July 1941 and February 1942.
Abschusswimpel scoreboard showing RAF planes shot down by the unit
WW2 map of Europe
The illustrations show Flakartillerie, Nazi submarines, British bombers under attack, British bombers crashing with bodies flying out, Mont Saint Michel in Brittany, the Kriegsmarine battle ships Scharnhorst and Gneisenau, the men of the flak unit, etc.
Roster introduction
The beautiful illustrations in the book are also by Willy Hanke and the book has a foreword by Hans-Werner Riemer. The text and illustrations were approved by the Oberkommando der Marine and the Oberkommando der Wehrmacht in July 1942.
There are photos of Korvettenkapitän Grotewahl and Korvettenkapitän Pfülf in uniform, a picture of Abschusswimpel scoreboard showing RAF planes shot down by the unit (Spitfire, the Bristol Blenheim, Vickers Wellington, etc.), a gant Flak gun on the Atlantic coast, the casino at St. Malo, and the wreckage of a Wellington bomber.
Nazi Kriegsmarine
A rare lot of World War II Nazi flak material!

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This WW2 Nazi Flakartillerie book, folio and unit roster are **SOLD**.
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