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With the construction of the Reichsautobahn of Adolf Hitler under the direction of Dr. Ing. Fritz Todt during the 1930s, the foreign and domestic travel industries in Germany flourished. The oversized monthly travel, traffic and scenery magazine Deutschland (Germany) circulated in the professional travel and hospitality industries. Each German language issue had a gorgeous full-color cover and was absolutely stuffed with in-depth photo feature articles on German travel destinations and German celebrations. Naturally, each issue also contained splendid ads from companies with a product or service to sell to those involved in travel within Germany.

For sale on this USMBOOKS web page are three heavily illustrated, oversized 10 x 14 inch German language magazines DEUTSCHLAND promoting tourism in Nazi Germany.
DEUTSCHLAND Nazi tourism magazines
Travel in Nazi Germany
Nazi swastika flag in Nuremberg
Deutsche Reichspost
German seaside resorts
1937 Day of German Art Munich
"Give Me 4 Years" exhibition
1936 Olympic Summer Games in Berlin
Nürnberg die Stadt der Reichsparteitage
Zeppelin LZ 129 “Hindenburg”
Nazi Ehrentempel Muenchen
Nazi train travel advertising
1936 Olympic Bell
DEUTSCHLAND 1934, Issue number 5 (May), has 32 pages and starts with a list of principal events taking place in Nazi Germany during the summer of 1934: the 650th Anniversary of the Pied Piper of Hamelin, the Passion Plays in Oberammergau, the 1934 Munich Art Exhibition, the Bayreuth Music Festival, the International Alpine Race to Munich, the Fall Leipzig Trade Fair, and more.

This 1934 Deutschland magazine includes articles about the Rhineland, Wine, Nürnberg, East Prussia and the Saar River and contains photos of castles on the Rhine and Moselle rivers, vineyards and wine tasting, historic Nürnberg, the Black Forest, the Harbor of Königsberg, and others.

This 81 year old Nazi magazine is in very good used condition and has the stamp of a German bookstore in Amsterdam, Holland on the front cover. Nothing has been cut out, no pages are missing.
The 1st Olympia Heft (July) 1936 "What does Germany have to offer?" has 48 pages.  It starts with a list of principal events taking place in Nazi Germany in July, August and September 1937. Aside from the Olympic Games in Berlin, associated exhibitions and cultural festivities, the Nazi State Garden Show was on in Dresden, the Reichskriegertag in Kassel, the VDA Exhibition in Düsseldorf, the National Golf Championships in Berlin-Wannsee, the World Congress for Hospitality in Hamburg, the International Astrology Congress in Düsseldorf and of course the Reichsparteitag in Nürnberg from 7 through 15 September.
This 1936 Deutschland magazine includes articles about the Olympic Exhibition "Deutschland", German architecture - from classical styles to Nazi buildings in Munich and Berlin, the Latest in Transportation in the New Germany, Germany's Art Museums, German Composers, Leisure Time in Nazi Germany, and Dancing Events during the Olympics and contains photos of the Bamberger Reiter, Planes, Trains and Busses, the Nazi Ehrentempel next to Hitler's office in Munich, the Zeppelin LZ 129 "Hindenburg", the St. Bartholomä chapel on the shores of the Königsse near Berchtesgaden, ballerinas, and others.

This 79 year old Nazi magazine is in very good used condition. Nothing has been cut out, no pages are missing. There is a stamp on the cover indicating this was a Probenummer or Test Issue.
DEUTSCHLAND June 1937 with 32 pages has the Cathedral of Breslau on the cover, and starts with a list of principal events taking place in Nazi Germany in June (some run through July and September): the Schaffendes Volk and "Give Me 4 Years" exhibitions (see below), the International Eiffelrennen races on the Nürburgring, Day of German Art and the Greater German Art Exhibition in the House of German Art in Munich, Braune Band horse races in Munich-Riem, Kiel Sailing Week, the Bayreuth Festival, and more.
This 1937 Deutschland magazine includes articles about Breslau, City of the 1937 German Singing Festival, German Songs, the port city of Emden, the healing powers of the sea, and the city of Hannover and contains photos of historic buildings in Breslau in Silesia (including an architectural model of the Hermann-Göring-Sportfeld stadium), German ladies enjoying the German coast, Hannover, and others.
This 78 year old Nazi magazine is in nice used condition. Nothing has been cut out, no pages are missing. The interior pages are in very good condition but the cover show some wear and inside the back cover is a 6 inch piece of scotch tape.

These three historic Third Reich magazines contain wonderful period advertising by tourist destinations like Zoppot, Breslau, Dresden, Cologne, Wiesbaden, Munich, Berlin, Trier, Bamberg and many others as well as ski and health resorts, hotels, special exhibitions, Rhine cruise companies, etc.

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