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The Brown Battalions - Hitler’s SA in Words and Pictures
The Brown Battalions - Hitler's SA in Words and Pictures describes the role of the SA in the rise of the Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei (NSDAP, the National Socialist German Worker's Party) and its final assumption of power. Originally published in Germany by the SA in 1938, this is a faithful reprint fully translated into modern English by Nicholas H. Hatch, with all original photographs and period graphics retained.
SA sign-up office in Nazi Germany
autographed by Nicholas H. Hatch
SA uniform, SA dagger
This 9-¼ x 12-¼ inch, 128 page hard cover book with over 200 rare photos has its original color dust jacket. It has a dedication and autograph of the author Nicholas H. Hatch.
SA Stabchef Viktor Lutze
Over 200 outstanding photographs provide meticulous detail of uniforms, insignia, flags, arms and edged weapons, through the entire evolution of the movement's regalia up to its time of publication. Biographical sketches and portraits of SA leaders provide in-depth insights into the motives and methods of the SA.

Original Third Reich SA publications for sale on

- an original example of the rare 1933 Nazi songbook SA Liederbuch
- the 1943 Wilfrid Bade SA book The SA Conquers Berlin
- four rare heavily illustrated 1939 Der SA-Führer magazines
- day-to-day activities of a Sturmführer explained in the 1943 book Tagebuch eines Sturmführers
This near-new example of The Brown Battalions is offered for sale
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