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early SA troops with swastika flags
Maenner im Braunhemd - Vom Kampf und Sieg der SA
Adolf Hitler in Nuremberg
SA Gruppenführer Günther Gräntz
SA-Gruppenführer Hans von Tschammer und Osten
SA Stosstrupp-Hitler Muenchen
SA Braunhemd book 1936
early SA formations with swastika flags
SA-Gruppe Berlin-Brandenburg
3. Reich Blutfahne und Adolf Hitler
Hitler und NSDAP Standarten
Deutschland Erwache
Nazi martyr monument Feldherrnhalle Munich
Frontbuchhandlung Dieppe im Kriege 1940/42
Hitler; Luitpoldhain Nürnberg; Reichsparteitagsgelände
Männer im Braunhemd - Vom Kampf und Sieg der SA (Men in Brown Shirts - Battle and Victory of the SA) is dedicated to "The Unknown SA Man" was written by SA-Sturmhauptführer Karl W. H. Koch and this is the expanded hard cover edition dated 1936 that measures 8-½ x 11 inches and has 326 well illustrated pages.
The book starts with 35 glossy photo pages introducing the leadership of the Sturmabteilungen (Storm Detachments of SA): Adolf Hitler, Viktor Lutze, Adolf Hühnlein, Gruppenführer Prinz August Wilhlem ("Auwi"), SA-Obergruppenführer Adolf Heinz Beckerle, Gruppenführer Heinrich Bennecke, SA Gruppenführer Günther Gräntz, Reichssportführer Hans von Tschammer und Osten and many others. Of course, there is no mention of Ernst Röhm in this expanded 1936 edition.
The introduction by Sturmhauptführer Karl W. H. Koch is followed by a year-by-year history of the early "battle" years of the SA, the development of the SA into an important part of the Nazi movement, and chapters on Communist Berlin, propaganda and violence against the SA, life in the SA, imprisonment of SA Men, the SA Spirit, and the SA after the 1933 election victory of the NSDAP in Germany.
This huge book contains great photos of early SA troops, SA formations at early Nazi Party Days in Nuremberg, the SA at election time, Adolf Hitler with the Nazi Blutfahne (Blood Flag) and Nazi standards, Hitler meeting with men of the SA at various locations and events all over Germany, SA men at the 1929 Parteitag in Nürnberg and the 1930 Parteitag in the city of Gera, SA men on skis, on horseback and bicycle, SA bands, SA parades and marches all over Germany, etc.
There is a competent Index and photo sources in the back. Copyright by Herbert Stubenrauch Verlagsbuchhandlung in Berlin and printed by Bibliographisches Institut AG of Leipzig.

This heavy, hard cover linen book is in very nice used condition and has a book plate of wartime Frontbuchhandlung Dieppe 1940/42 On the leather-like endpapers inside the front cover (see picture right). No odor.

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Horst Wessel, Die Fahne Hoch



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