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Rare Historical Third Reich collectible Hoffmann photo books
The material we offer for sale is often unique and most items in our inventory are one-of-a-kind. All items depicted on this website are subject to prior sale. Prices are subject to change without notice.

We take pride in offering good value for money spent, but buyers must understand that this is a field of growing demand and shrinking supply. We often find ourselves in the position of not being able to replace an item for our listed price, or not being able to replace it in our inventory at all.
Rare Historical Third Reich collectible books
There are no laws in the United States of America that prevent citizens from owning material regardless of its original political orientation. In some countries such as those of the European Union (EU), Canada and Australia various laws may impact a citizen's right to buy, own, or display Third Reich material to the extent that purchase, ownership or display of such material could result in confiscation, a fine, incarceration or all three. Far be it from us to suggest that we are familiar with the fine points of any foreign law. Therefore, it is a responsibility of any and all potential buyers of the material offered for sale on this website, to determine in advance if it is importable in his or her country. By making a purchase of material from this website, citizens of foreign countries are also assuring USM that they are acting within the laws of their country and recognize that all responsibility of USM, Inc. ends when the material is correctly addressed and mailed at a US post office. USM will e-mail all foreign customers proof of shipment when requested to do so.
historical Third Reich Heinrich Hoffmann photo books
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Our staff has long traveled the world purchasing rare 20th century military history books, photographs, postcards, maps, documents and other historical Third Reich German material. Items that are no longer needed for research and duplicate material are offered for sale in the rare books, militaria and documents section of this website. Click HERE.
Rare Nazi era German books
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We have received a number of e-mails from German internet users attacking us for selling items, “stolen in Germany by American GIs”. Nothing could be further from the truth! 99.5% of the items offered on this website were purchased by employees of USM Inc. in Germany and other European countries.
Nazi Standards in Moscow
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Over the years we have had thousands of glowing testimonials both to the accuracy of our descriptions and the historical nature of the things we sell. You will also note that we are very often cited by customers for the care we take in packaging the material we send to them, and the speed with which it is delivered. Our customers deserve nothing less.
UN Declaration of Human Rights
We also sell images from one of the oldest, largest and most comprehensive archives of original Third Reich graphic material on earth. We have sold and delivered high-resolution black & white and full-color images from our archive to European advertising agencies, British motion pictures studios and American book publishers.

We have a many decades-long background in the graphic arts, publishing and photography. Everything we sell has been digitally remastered in-house from high-quality originals owned by us, and made available in the resolution and format you require. E-mail USMBOOKS and let us know what you are looking for!
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The images and the entire text used on this and all other USMBOOKS web pages are the copyrighted property of USM Inc.  Those images and the text may be used by others ONLY AFTER completion of a formal international licensing agreement and payment of a licensing fee! It is therefore, illegal for anyone to take any of the material found on USMBOOKS.com and use it for their own purposes without our written permission, irrespective of any excuse they may feel they have for doing so.
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If you have any original Third Reich books, magazines, newspapers, maps, uniforms, badges, medals, identity documents, philatelic or other material you would like to sell, click HERE.
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