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The images and the entire text used on this and all other USMBOOKS web pages are the copyrighted property of USM Inc.  Those images and the text may be used by others ONLY AFTER completion of a formal international licensing agreement and payment of a licensing fee! It is therefore, illegal for anyone to take any of the material found on and use it for their own purposes without our written permission, irrespective of any excuse they may feel they have for doing so.

We receive many e-mails every week from people all over the world asking for authentications and appraisals or offering to sell us items from their collection, found items, or items from an inheritance. Our time, like yours is worth money, and it is valuable to us. If you are just looking for an appraisal and are not really interested in selling, please don't waste your time as we do not make offers, or free appraisals*.

YOU ARE THE SELLER, YOU SET THE PRICE. If the price is realistic to us and we are interested in what you have to sell, we will reply to your e-mail offer quickly.

If you are a real seller please clearly list and/or describe the item(s) you have and send pictures. We are dealers, not collectors and buy everything for resale. Completeness and condition are very important considerations to us and t our customers around the world.

Once we have agreed on a price and after we have received the merchandise from you we will inspect it the same day and mail you a company check at once, or pay you electronically via PayPal, your preference. We can not pay for anything prior to receipt of the material in question, or we would own merchandise all over the world that had still not been mailed to us (it used to happen often in the "old days").

It should be important to you to know that this company has been in business buying Third Reich military and other military and political material for over 45 years. We are experts in the field, and we do precisely what we say we will do and we do it quickly, because we want both parties to be satisfied with the experience so they can do business again some time.

* APPRAISALS: We do appraise Third Reich material for libraries, museums, collectors and dealers and we charge a fee based on the services rendered.
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