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Wehrmacht Fuehrerschein
Fritz Dolch Luftgau Personal Berlin
Nelson Trykk in Oslo, Norway
This is a relatively standard Wehrmacht Führerschein, a military Class 2 and 3 Driving License issued in Finland by Luftgaustab Finnland (Air Force District Finland) on 19 May 1943 to 30 year old Fritz Dolch (nice last name - DAGGER!) of Luftgau Personal (LGP) in Berlin. This rare type 2 Wehrmacht Führerschein (printed in Altschrift letters rather than Fraktur) is also very unusual in that it was printed on gray leinen material in German by the Norwegian firm of Nelson Trykk in Oslo, Norway.

A statement where the photograph normally goes on page 3 dismisses the need for one in this pass as long as it is used in combination with Fritz Dolch's Soldbuch. An endorsement on page 4 shows that Dolch passed his test to operate vehicles powered by wood-gas generators!
This is a 100% original 1943 German military driver's license printed in Norway and issued in Finnland.  Very unusual!  Please note that the color of the actual document is darker gray than it appears in our photos.
Luftgaustab Finnland, 19. Mai 1943

Most Third Reich document collectors have seen any number of German Armed Forces driving licenses from Nazi Germany. This is a very unusual Wehrmacht example that was printed in Oslo, Norway and issued in Finland!

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