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,,Front in der Heimat - Das Buch des deutschen Rüstungsarbeiters’’
Dr. Fritz Todt
This is a very good example of the rare 6-3/4 x 9 inch, 192 page, very heavily illustrated, hardcover Third Reich book Front in der Heimat - Das Buch des deutschen Rüstungsarbeiters (War Front at Home - The Book of German Armaments Workers) as published by Otto Elsner Verlag in Berlin in 1942.
Weapons Production and Munitions
Following a full-page duotone portrait of Reichsminister for Weapons Production and Munitions Dr. Fritz Todt in his Luftwaffe uniform (above), there is an introduction to the book by Todt.

The introduction is followed with great praise for German factory workers producing weapons and munitions of every kind, interspersed with excellent duotone photographs taken in defense plants throughout Germany.

Among the items shown being made are huge shells for artillery and naval guns, gun barrels, U-Boots or submarines, aircraft and aircraft engines, mines, field guns, 88 mm guns, bombs, machine guns, etc.

Adolf Hitler
There are pictures of Hitler and workers listening to Hitler, production inspecting officers, research workers, etc.

The book text explains the variety of weapons for the various branches of service and charts compare weapon data in considerable detail. This is easily the best book on the subject produced in Germany during the war.

A stamp on the front end paper shows that this book was given to the Wehrmacht as a result of the Alfred Rosenberg Spende in Gau Franken.

The spine of this book has been taped, but otherwise it is in very good condition.

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