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Technik voran!  Jahrbuch mit Kalender für die Jugend
Volksempfänger or Nazi People’s Radio
12-cylinder Diesel engine
Nazi Youth hostels
cooling machine diagram
HJ sailplane
Tempelhof Airport in Berlin
Diesel engine for a boat
Technik voran! Jahrbuch mit Kalender für die Jugend (Technique Ahead! Yearbook for Youth with Calendar) is a thick pocket size book published by Deutscher Ausschuß für technisches Schulwesen eV. (Datsch) of Berlin. The4-¼ x 6 inch, 232 page softcover book has many photos, sketches and illustrations for young Germans with an aptitude for technical subjects, future engineers and technical salesmen, as well as parents and educators according to the information on the title page.
This very in-depth book contains dozens of illustrations and schematics of all kinds of technical things like diesel engines, cooling machines, tubes, propellors, typesetting, tools, telephones, the interior of a Volksempfänger or Nazi People's Radio, etc.
In the back are tables with information about sizes, weights, temperatures, typefaces, German industrial output, postal rates, fonts, etc. as well as new publications for young people in Hitler's Germany. Inside the back cover is a large 5-7/8 x 15 inch fold-out map showing Nazi Germany after World War I and the new borders as of 1938.

Photos include a Hitler 50th birthday portrait, an architectural model of Tempelhof Airport in Berlin, new German youth hostels, Hitler during an Italian naval parade at Naples, the Il Vittoriano national monument on Piazza Venezia in Rome, HJ sailplanes, etc.
The example of Technik voran! was never used. No name was ever entered in the section for personal information and there are no entries in the calendar portion. Nice condition.

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This heavily illustrated 1939 edition of Technik voran! is offered for sale
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