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Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Oberschule Starnbergersee  cufftitle
Reichsschule der NSDAP Feldafing
In April 1934 the SA-sponsored Reichsschule Feldafing became the Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Oberschule Starnberger See, and was officially opened by Ernst Röhm. The elite Nazi school was located in several splendid villas near the small town of Feldafing on the spectacularly beautiful Starnberger See or lake in Bavaria, and teachers were members of longstanding in the SA. After the Night of the Long Knives and the demise of Ernst Röhm, a new institutional format was found for the SA Leadership School.
Reichsschule der NSDAP Feldafing (RSF)
After a reorganization that involved Bayreuth Gauleiter Fritz Wächtler, Reichsschatzmeister Franz X. Schwarz, SA-Brigadeführer Oberdienstleiter Julius Goerlitz, Reichleiter Martin Bormann and Deputy Führer Rudolf Hess, it became a "Selected State School" and every Nazi Gau could send three students to Feldafing (Berlin and Munich could select five students each) where they received a Nationalsozialistische Erziehung or National Socialist education and where they were groomed for future Nazi Party leadership positions.
Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Oberschule Starnberger See uniformed students
SA-Brigadeführer Oberdienstleiter Julius Goerlitz, Reichleiter Martin Bormann
Gauleiter Wagner and high-ranking Nazis
Oberdienstleiter Julius Goerlitz, Reichsleiter Martin Bormann
Helmut Philipps, 1934 Feldafing student
In 1938 a new building designed by famous architect Alois Degano (responsible for the enlargement of Hitler's Berghof and the SS-Junkerschule in Bad Tölz) was opened and the school was renamed Reichsschule der NSDAP Feldafing (RSF) run under the auspices of the Parteikanzlei der NSDAP. The facilities included cars and boats, tennis courts, and students could play golf as well on Germany's first golf course (still one of the country's finest today!). When the war began many former students were already in the Army, Air Force, Navy and the Waffen-SS and the Feldafing yearbooks began to run photos and biographical information about those who died "for Führer and Fatherland". In 1942 a sub-camp of Konzentrationslager Dachau was opened next to the school.
Jochen  Trabandt, a vacation war volunteer who won the Iron Cross Second Class
Nazi music education
Reichsschule Feldafing teachers
At the end of World War II Feldafing was in the American zone of German occupation and under US Military jurisdiction. The US military administration converted the former Reichsschule and the Dachau sub-camp into the Feldafing Displaced Persons Camp, part of a network of displaced persons camps for liberated concentration camp prisoners in the US Zone of Germany.
The Reichsschule der NSDAP Feldafing was officially closed on 23 April 1945 and former students were not allowed to continue their higher education in any state facility until 1949. Interestingly enough, the original schoolhouse of the Reichsschule Feldafing was used by the boarding school Institut Dr. Greite, named for and led by former SS-Sturmbannführer Dr. Walter Greite until 1978! Dr. Greite had done extensive racial research for the SS Ahnenerbe organization during the Third Reich.
Above, Feldafing student Jochen Trabandt won the Iron Cross Second Class during his vacation as a war volunteer!
Feldafing students playing golf at the Starnberger See
Nazi war art by Feldafing students
Helmut Philipps before his Fliegertod on 2 July 1941
Nazi war art
Feldafing Musikzug
Reichsschule der NSDAP Feldafing Studenten
Died for Fuehrer and Fatherland
propaganda Minister Goebbels at Feldafing

Any original material connected with the Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Oberschule Starnberger See or Reichsschule der NSDAP Feldafing must be considered very rare and seldom comes on the market at any price. The lot we offer here consists of FIVE very rare original, well-illustrated "Annuals" or class yearbooks with a total of 336 pages, and FIVE postwar books published by the alumni association of the school containing 134 pages.

SS Maenner
Leutnant Richard Eymers
Each has a list of all the students and their home towns, a list of the teachers, information on the political education, student activities, student art, as well as photos of high-ranking Nazis and foreign dignitaries visiting the Reichsschule der NSDAP Feldafing, students at work and playing sports, students on a trip to England and Italy and Italian Fascist youth visiting Germany, school construction projects, etc.

An interesting side note is that many internet sources specifically state that students at Feldafing wore a uniform that consisted of Lederhosen! Far from correct, you can see in our pictures that their uniforms consisted of SA brown jackets, black pants, black boots and a "Sam Brown" style belt and a garrison type cap. The jacket had four pockets as well as a black & silver NSD Oberschule Starnbergersee cuff title on the left arm below the red, white and black Nazi swastika armband. The uniform worn in the field often consisted of Lederhosen and a shirt. If you'd like to have some fun with the most knowledgable Third Reich collector you know, ask him of her to describe the uniform of students at Feldafing!

The original owner of the Feldafing 1939/40 annual marked one group photo with the name and SS rank of the men shown, as well as the with the word "Gefallen" and "amp" (amputated). All but one have that handwritten notation! The student list in the back of the Feldafing 1940/41 annual has the word "Gefallen" written behind the names of all the former students who died during military service. Page 89 shows that word 18 times!
The postwar books shown right contain updated names and addresses of former students at Feldafing. Interestingly enough, the name of former student Adolf Martin Bormann (son of Reichsleiter Martin Bormann) is among them! We show a period photo of Adolf Bormann for reference below.

There are also addresses for alumni living in the USA, Canada, Austria and even Rio de Janeiro, Brazil!

These publications (dated between 1989 and 2000) also contain memories by former students, pictures of students during and after the war, names of teachers, and reunion (Klassentreffen) announcements and suggestions for future reunions. Former Feldafing student Helmut Kreiner living in Jasper, Canada was promoting a Klassentreffen in Jasper for the year 2001!

A very rare grouping of very historic National Socialist education material!
Amazing images.

Adolf Martin Bormann

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