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Adolf Hitler and General Wilhelm Reinhard
Grossdeutscher Reichskriegertag 1939
Nazi Strassenschmuck
BdM with Adolf Hitler
Nazi egle and swastika, NS-Hoheitszeichen
Hitler and General Reinhard
Ostmark, Sudetenland veterans
Nazi Gauleiter Weinrich
This 77 year old rare soft cover edition of GROSSDEUTSCHER REICHSKRIEGERTAG 1939 is in very good used condition.  The striking cover shows minimal wear, the interior pages are in very good condition.
Collectors often encounter a very expensive and quite remarkable Raumbild 3D photo book and picture set on the subject of the first Greater German State Veterans Day in Kassel in 1939, many of them are unaware that there were books for earlier Reichskriegertage and that there were books other than the big 3D book produced to commemorate the 1939 Reichskriegertag.
This is an excellent example of the rare 8-1/4 x 11-1/2 inch very heavily illustrated 80 page soft cover book GROSSDEUTSCHER REICHSKRIEGERTAG 1939 which was published to commemorate the event in Kassel, Germany by Kyffhäuser-Verlag of Berlin in 1939.
SS-Gruppenfuehrer Wolff, Reichsleiter Bormann, Reichsfuehrer-SS Himmler
Rathaus Kassel im Festschmuck
SS-Obergruppenfuehrer Erbprinz zu Waldeck
Nazi street decorations Kassel 1939
This original 1939 book is an absolute triumph of Strassenschmuck or Nazi street decor (even during the set-up stage!) in honor of the veterans of the recently reunified Grossdeutschland or Greater Germany.
There were many guest dignitaries like the Ambassador of Japan General Oshima, SS-Obergruppenführer Erbprinz zu Waldeck, SS-Obersturmbannführer Dr. Wöbling, SS-Gruppenführer Reinhard, General Keitel and Admiral Raeder, but the major thrust of the 1939 book were the incredible preparations made for the visit of Nazi Führer and Germany’s 23rd Chancellor Adolf Hitler. His presence made it a Reichskriegertag like no other and the photos in this Third Reich book do a great job of recording the huge event.
Aside from dozens and dozens of photos of Hitler and other Nazi dignitaries there are rare pictures of  parades by members of the Wehrmacht, RAD, TeNo, SA, NSKK, SS and RLB, veterans from the Ostmark and Sudetenland, HJ boys and BdM girls, etc., etc.

Also for sale on, a similar photo publication about the 1939 Kreistag of NSDAP Gau of München-Oberbayern and the 1935 photo book of the National Socialist German Frontline Soldier Association Stahlhelm.

USM book #159
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