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Nazi opera program
A lot of FIVE original heavily illustrated opera, ballet and theater programs
from Berlin and Vienna from 1938, 1940 and 1941
Original January 1943 Ice Revue program organized by 2-time Olympic gold medal winner, figure skater Karl Schäfer. German citizens performing only, with air raid instructions!
The heavily illustrated summer 1938 festival brochure of the
Munich Tag der deutsche Kunst with superb color cover.
Official Nazi programs for live Third Reich performances of operas, concerts,
ballet, operettas in Berlin, Vienna, Salzburg, Nürnberg and Aachen.
Wintergarten Nuernberg 1941
Original 32-page example of Das neue Programm from the high-end
Winter Garten theater in Nürnberg in 1941, complete with air raid instructions!
Rome ballet 1941
An original 1941 Italian program in German for the
performance of the Rome ballet in Germany.
Ronacher Theater Wien 1943
Heavily illustrated original Nazi era variety show program from the
Ronacher Theater Wien, complete with air-raid and bomb shelter instructions.
Deutschland Erwache
The heavily illustrated 1937 festival program of
the Tag der deutsche Kunst + Munich parade map.
eagle swastika
A rare, beautifully illustrated booklet called Wien tanzt Fasching 1939
containing the dance events for Carnival in February 1939 in Vienna.
Max Schmeling
Nazi souvenir program for the Championship Heavyweight boxing battle between Max Schmeling and Adolf Heuser held at the Adolf Hitler Kampfbahn at Stuttgart.
Official 24-page program of the premier performance of the Italian opera PALLA DE' MOZZI by Giovacchino Forzano at the Berlin Opera House on 18 April 1940.
Nazi art exhibition brochures
Third Reich informational tourist brochures for art exhibitions
at the Haus der deutschen Kunst in M